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Thread: How much is enough ?

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    Good day to All,Just thinking as I sit at my computer & looked aroundat all my fly-fishing equipment, how much is enough?With the passing of my Father recently (Mom in 1999)I decided to buy one last rod in Honor of the man whotaught me to flyfish. I purchased a Sage FLi 9' 4wt.With that I now have 5 setups : 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 7wt & 9wt.With all of these I can tackle anything that swims in anyof the rivers Michigan has to offer.I guess my question isthat enough ? I truly will not be purchasing any other setupsfor myself. Is that wrong?My wife has been extremelyunderstanding in all of my pursuits & also knows that wasthe last. How do you feel ? If you see a great buy do youfeel that it is a necessary item. Please don't misunderstandI am not passing judgement onanyone to purchase whatthey want, but is there a limit ?What are your thoughts ?Tie One On

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    Whether or not its enough is totally up to you. I would say its only too much if the cost of it interferes with being able to get out and fish or if it interferes with your normal standard of living. Though its only a one time benefit, I would say that a guided trip to use the equipment you've already got can be of more value than some new gear. In fact, if the guided trip is on a body of water that you will continue to fish, then the increased knowledge of finding fish and productive techniques can be a lasting benefit and well worth the cost. By the way, I bet you'll want a two handed or switch rod at some point. And hopefully you'll wear out a reel or two and get to upgrade those. (not implying that yer current "winches" are ****, just saying) A fine reel is a wonderful thing.

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    I agree totally with Big Cliff. Everyone is going to differ. I make my living "ff" so there is never enough. That and being a sucker for trying something new. I am luck in the sense that this is something my Hubby and I are very passionate about, so if I like something I get two cause I know he will also.I will be the first to admit that we are obsesive, but I do plan on having my own guide servise so I am stocking up.

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    Ask this question to anyone that does multi-species fishing with spinning gear and baitcasters and it's a moot point. I know when I participate in a bass league or multi-species league, it's not uncommon for most teams to have 10-15 rods in a boat and for bass, 8 rods alone. Now granted this is mainly fishing from a boat. But I have started to carry more then just 1 fly rod while I'm fishing on my boat or canoe. I now bring 2 while I'm wade fishing just 2 have another option.For me time on the water is at a premium, with work, kids and everything else going on. Fly fishing is my time on the water to unwind and relax and I enjoy fly fishing lot, it's my drug addiction I'd rather fish than worry about the right rod setup for the situation.My answer to How much is enough? I think for most fly anglers, being able to have the right fly rod setup for every situation would be nice, but not really reasonable. So enough for me would be when I have enough setups to cover most of my type of fly fishing I like to. IE. I use 8wts when fishing for smallies: One is using big wind resistance flies, like Dahlberg Divers, another one is for fishing sub surface, streamers, leech patterns, etc. Another one I have sink tip line for getting flies deeper in the water column. I could do it with one setup, but alot easier just to pick up another rod and start casting.It's the same thing the walleye, bass and multi-species anglers do, why not for fly fishing!I run a bass league in the Upper part of Minnesota and I've got all the other teams talking, because I'll be using all fly rods!My half cent worth and tight lines.
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    Very well put. When I am on my pontoon I will take 3 to 4 rods. One with floating, intermediate, type II, and a fast sink either type III wet cell, type IV density or my favorite Depth Charge 250 grain. Much easier that trying to change reels and re string on water, plust I use the Scotty holders for fly rods with the rubber keeper. Working on make a floating troft to strap on the side of my toon for the rods, just in case the boat springs a leak.Big piece of PVC 10 feet long with a cap on each end and an opening in the top to lay the rods down in with a strap to hold them. Foam in each end, should float, and my toon is 11 1/2 feet long so no problem there.

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