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    Default 2007 Fly fishing goals?

    I've been making my list of goals for 2007.

    I've long ago given up with silly, unimportant goals like losing weight, earning more money, etc. Now, I just focus on important goals relating to time spent on family, hobbies, vacations, etc.

    I've put some goals in place for fly fishing trips for 2007.

    So far, I've got the following:

    January: 2 days fishing for Lahontan Cutthroats at Pyramid Lake near Reno

    April: 1 day of fishing in Northern New Mexico

    May and June: 2 days on the South Platte

    July: A week in Colorado's Weminuche Wilderness, and 3 days in Colorado's Flattops Wilderness

    August: A week in Wyoming's Wind River range

    Plus, my regular trips to local fishing spots (St. Vrain, Boulder Creek, Big Thompson)

    Where are you folks going in 2007? What are you planning for?

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    Default Re: 2007 Fly fishing goals?

    I think you put together a great schedule and I wish I had time for all of it. Also envious of your home waters. I'll be spending quite a few weekends in the Austin area this spring and i'm looking forward to fishing some of the local streams down there. I'm hoping to get out to the South Platte sometime this summer as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I fly by the seat of my pants. Usually the rivers this time of year and we are going to explore some local (down south) waters this year. And of course the week at the "H" to see if I can top that 34" from 2006. (like that is gonna happen, I think the record is 34 1/2".)Got a trailer and getting a truck so we will be trying a lot more places this year.

  4. Default Re: 2007 Fly fishing goals?

    My boy needs to learn to fly fish the trout streams this year. Used to be it was OK that he used spinning gear. We'll do that too, but flies are the goal.

    By the way, I took him fly fishing for bluegills on a lake where we waded the bulrushes. I put him in an area where he was guaranteed to catch fish, and I only stayed close enough to fix his fly and leader when he messed them up. At the end he told me, as only a 13-year-old honestly can, "Dad, this is one of the best days of my life."

    Interesting that he should articulate it that way. That's what I think to myself whenever I go fly fishing, whether for carp, bluegills, bonefish, tarpon, trout or anything else that I might fish for.

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