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    Hello all, T.J. here. Aside from the months at a time with no-showing on my end I wanted to start off the new year with a question about the folks/experiences offered through "Reel Recovery" ( More than anything I just wanted to ask if anyone has worked with them assisting with one of their retreats (Joni, I believe Falcon's Ledge has hosted one of their retreats; I think that's where I first found out about it when looking your lodge over with thoughts of taking my wife down there) and if you could share a bit of your experience here. Ever since looking their site over, watching some of their videos, and thinking about it, I thought it would be a great thing to check in on here with folks. I know there is a similar program for women and . . . it just seems like such a cool deal all the way around. Also, a thought for those of you who might be interested and willing to kick an idea around. I work at a fairly high end therapeutic boarding school for adolescents as a family counselor supporting student individual and family relational work. We do rely on "talk therapy" but in non-traditional settings (e.g. working side by side with a student peeling logs for fence, digging a stump, etc.), but we are quickly moving in a direction of looking for more experiential ways to engage families. I've thought about the potential for approaching local guides to see about a possible collaboration between a guide and myself (or other of our staff with fly-fishing backgrounds) in assisting the families in a way somewhat similar to what Reel Recovery does with their men. A process that gets them out away from distractions and where/how they get stuck with each other back home, provides them a unique hands-on way of reconnecting, and then briefly exploring how to hang on to the good experiences they create with each other on the water. I would love to hear from those of you in the business who might offer some insight as to questions/concerns from the guides point of view regarding pulling something like this off. In the end, two different purposes to this post. Look forward to hearing from folks on either. Thanks, TJ
    Te vas por la sombrita

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    FYI, when I tried the link in my original post, it got screwed up with the parentheses and looks to be a dead link. Try this
    Te vas por la sombrita

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    TJ, Falcon's Ledge did one as you said, but I was not in on it (I think I was out of town) but, it is a great thing and I would love to be a part of it in the future.

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