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    Default What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    After having great times at spring creeks near Hermosa, I have been hooked on fishing spring creeks. I have used my 4 wt 9 foot rod, which for me was working just fine. Although some people may suggest that shorter rods such as 7 foot may work fine, I find that 9 foot rod was just fine and that I was able to role cast easily. But I want to learn more from some well seasoned anglers here about a spring creek specialty rod. I even watched a video where a angler was doing a type of sling shot style fishing. He was fulling his fly to bend his rod and shot the fly into a tight spot.

    Anyway what is your favorite spring creek rod?
    One of my friends was using 1 wt rod, but I am not sure if I want to go that extreme.

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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    I just used my 1 wt TFO finesse for a couple days at the Rio Grande in CO.

    I think a 3 wt is a better choice though, I did it just for kicks and it worked fine on the fish I was catching (8" - 14") in small pools in braided water.

    Right now though I'm looking to buy a new Cortland Diamondback 7" 3t to use as my main small creek rod.

    We can help each other out though if you are interested in a 7'6" TFO Pro + Reel + Line that I'm selling to fund my Diamondback.

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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    I believe a 'specialty' rod is perhaps the rod in your hand while fishing. I fished Pennsylvania's' Spring Creek in Center County for many years using my 7' 9' Far & Fine #5. Then in 1995 I got myself a 9' 5 weight PM-10 and used that until I moved away in 2004. The 5 weight rods seemed perfect to me and they caught many fish.

    On small creeks whether spring fed or freestone brooks I use a 6'6" bamboo 3 weight and can't Imagine a better rod for accurate casting in tight quarters. You could call the Flea a specialty rod because of its length and action. If you are currently using your 9' 4 weight and the creeks are at least 25 feet wide, your rod should be just fine. If the creeks are more narrow than 25' you may enjoy casting with a shorter rod a little more.


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    Smile Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    When I'm fishing tight places (or small waters) I break out my 4wt...all of 5'8". Mine is the "Classic UL" from Bass Pro Shops. They have a 6'9" that I might add someday.



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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    The first time I fly fished was on a small creek in the Sierras - my first cast caught a hungry little brookie on a dry, so I love small water.

    My buddy built a one weight and I loved it so much I wanted to get one. He suggested a 3W because it is easier and less expensive to acquire line and reels. I went crazy and bought an Orvis Trout Bum 3W for $575. Later I bought a cheap Albright 3W so my gal could join me on small creeks. I ended up selling the Orvis because I like the Albright better! Both rods are 8'6" and work great for me. Albright's prices have gone up however.

    In fact my picture is right on that very creek where it all started for me. I try to make a pilgrimage every summer.
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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    For my favorite spring creek I use my Sage RPL 590, a 5-weight, 9-footer, with a med/fast action. The spring I fish requires as long of casts as I can muster and I could never cast clear across it, yet it is a true spring creek. But, based on your post you seem to really be asking about a rod for smaller creeks, whether spring creek or freestone, where the casting opportunities are limited due to overhanging brush and such. I would then choose a shorter, lighter rod for such situations - 7-foot to 7 1/2 foot in a 3-wt or less. Just my opinion. Bamboo would be a great choice for a small creek and the smaller fish that live there.

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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    My spring creek rods are an 8'3" 3 weight Sage SLT and a 9' 4 weight Sage ZXL. They cover spring creeks that are narrow and tight to ones that are wide and open.

    I used to own a 2 weight, but I ended up selling it.


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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    If you want a 4 wt or 5 wt, I would buy one of these Borger LT Fly rods. Retail was $300.00 before the closeout price. These are the rods I use when I fish my local Wisconins River. They are 4 pc rods that come with a spare tip, 5 pcs in total.

    Here's a photo of Gary casting the final version of the 8.5 ft 5 wt during devlopment.



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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    99% of the time I take my 7'10" 3wt and it is perfect for almost every small creek / river I fish. I do always throw my 7' 1wt on the backpack just in case there is no wind and a nice mayfly hatch hits.

    Nothing more fun than a few dozen 10-12" brookies in an hour on a 1wt throwing dries.

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    Default Re: What is your recommendation for a spring creek rod?

    I have a St. Croix 7' 3/4 weight that I picked up for $100 a few years ago and I absolutely love the way it works on spring creeks.
    The cast you were describing is called and bow and arrow cast and it is really effective in tight areas or trying to get under overhanging trees.

    Best of luck to you.
    Tight lines,


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