per Joni's suggestion i left thursday to go check out the 6wt g axis sage.. i looked at a g loomis streamdance glx hls and was impressed (5 wt).. but i wanted a 6. it didnt have the feel the 5 b2x winston did but was quit a bit stronger..and i wanted a strong rod to go with the 5.. i admit i am a little dissapointed with the control of the winston and a crooked joint at the base that makes the whole rod go to the right.. cosmetics, but they will fix it or ill be a very unhappy camper.. i went to the orvis dealer in another town and tried the 6wt z axis.. first flip, i almost lost my teeth and i dont have false ones.. just a couple more casts and working line out,,,,,,this is the first rod i could cast 65 feet easily hit a 6 inch dirt clog in the same motion, pick the whole line up, back cast and flip it forward back to the dirt clog.. i bought it and the cheap rio mainstreem line on the spot.. i wasnt going to let it get away.. now to do this the parking lot conditions were probably perfect, frozen ice over the lot, probably pretty much protected from the wind, and etc.. but i have to admit the parking lot conditions probably got this guy a sale.. but when i got home strung the line on, i tried it in the dark.. she was working just fine, so was the 5 wt b2x winston.. some arguments have come up on another site about the 5-6 choices im making.. of how they are too close and the 5 wt is too big, and its a tweener etc.. but for me iim probably going to put a light setup on the 5 b2x and a heavier line on the 6 so that will make them an effeicent pair for easy fishing in great weather and windy days or with bigger stuff,, dont know,,but im delighted to have a great pair of missouri river rods, that arnt heavy for this old mans tired hands and arms.. swing weight with these set ups on them now are great.. by the way they have evoluton 3 on the 5 and evolution 3.5 on the 6.. what a great reel!! plenty of backing for the lunkers im after.. dave