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    It's actually pretty fun if you can find the right spot for doing it and are in good enough shape. I'd never be able to do it regurally however, it's just not gonna land me the hogs I want and I spent way too much in all my other gear to go all Japanese. Couldn't justify it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncflyboy View Post

    I have heard of people that have used conventional rods to cast flyline...and it works. I may drag out a few different rods and try this for myself. I have a 4 1/2' spinning rod that may work in some tight spots.

    I like a challenge...I may tie a small section of flyline to a breambuster and try it!

    I have met people using flygear with a live cricket on the end...with no trouble casting. From what I could see, the rods looked to be 8'-9', probably a 5wt or 6wt.

    I have heard of people (using a regular flyfishing outfit) that only cast the leader to trout in a very small stream. Is this really any different than someone simply using a breambuster with a fly tied on the end? If I were fishing in a stream marked "flies only" (we have these in NC) and I only had conventional gear, I'd simply forego the expense of flygear and purchase a breambuster and a handful of long as the fishing is close range!

    I'm not knocking Tenkara, or any other forms of angling. I'm merely entertaining different forms of tossing flies.

    That reminds it possible to tie a similar lenght of flyline to a flyrod tip and see how it compares to a Tenkara rod?


    Robert, you can fish any rod, or pole, with any bait or fly or lure you want. Use any line from flylines to mono or Spiderwire until the cows come home. I doesn't matter to me. You can get a 'Breambuster' and tie a 12' leader to it and fish with it.
    I can also walk from Laguna Beach in Cal. to North Carolina. I'll get there sooner or later, but it's much nicer to fly. Same way with fishing. It's easier to flyfish with a fly rod, fly reel and flyline than it is with a spinning outfit, just as it's easier to use a spinning outfit to throw a lure or chuck bait. Tenkara is a specialized rod from 11' to 14'or so. Breaks down to less than a foot. The 14' rod is about 4 oz. (can you say the same for a 14' breambuster built out of fiberglass?)Same length line as rod, no reel. Built for simplicity.
    So Robert, find a breambuster, set it up like a Tenkara, fish it for a day, then get a hold of a Tenkara rod and do the same. Give a honest evaluation and post it.
    BTW, we've been doing some stillwater fishing since Thursday and just got back this afternoon.
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