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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    I am kinda' partial to Wheatley boxes...but I like the plastic boxes for fast identification...

    Just a few I use...

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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    Quote Originally Posted by oarfish View Post
    That's an great link. Thanks oarfish.

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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    sims aluminum wheatley for mr slotted foam r reese

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    I got a few foam type ones but like my fav is my 16 compartment spring loaded window box. great for eggs and nymphs and has a lil foam on the other side for streamers. kind of like this one pictured
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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    My fly box collection is constantly evolving. I seem to enjoy organizing my flies in various groups. lol. As of right now i have a lot of cheap grey plastic boxes that hold most of my flies. I am slowly changing over to Upmqua UPG series fly boxes. As of right now i have 4. They quality is high and it is nice to be able to see inside without opening.

    I also have a really nice green plastic Orvis box that is foam on one side and small compartments on the other. That one is the box i take with me for general trout fishing while wading.

    I would like to get a nice wood fly box with an engraving of the Deschutes on it.

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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    so i just found a box i really like, its the "thinnest box" for my nymphs, i can carry this on my chest in my vest and not even feel it. its gonna be this one its got split foam. really like this thing.

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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    If your town has a Sportsman's Warehouse you better check there before paying $10 for one on eBay.................... I bought one of those to put flies I tied for a charity fundraiser at the Warehouse for $6.00. Pretty nice box and they will hold flies up to #4 Bartleet style hooks. I managed to get a dozen in one without crowding so if you have small flies they'll hold a nice bunch.


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    Default Re: favorite fly box?

    Big fan of the C&F boxes that have foam sheets that can be swapped out. They are not cheap to begin with, but you can swap out foam sheets easily and for about the cost of a new box when the sheets get torn up or when you want to change, say from mayflies to terrestrials. Much faster to go this route than changing out your box fly by fly. Definitely a lifetime investment.

    The clear boxes are excellent for dry flies and general storage of extras. Also like the Umpqua boxes as well.
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    there was a link on one forum about making your own box I especially liked the altoids box they had shown so, I went straight to the store bought four altoids cans, two big and two small boxes some foam and some super glue, went home and made 4 new fly boxes just the way I wanted them now thats all i use.

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