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    Quote Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post

    On to my question, are those mini practice fly rods a good tool to help one learn proper casting skills? If they do work I might get one just to play with as a stress reliever.


    Just an office prop for goofing around. Besides, for most rookies the real problems begin once the line is out on the water... no way to simulate that with an office ribbon.

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    I think any practice method that simulates casting helps to build muscle memory in a beginner fly caster. I use pantomime, paint brushes, pencils, and even visualization. What we are building are the neural connections in the brain and proprioception from our muscles and joints that allow use to cast a fly without thinking about it. Casting becomes automatic. We are not born with that ability.

    The micro practice rods help to build that muscle memory.

    [ame=""]Proprioception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    I used one to practice my fly casting indoors when I started to fly fish. I found it useful during the Wisconsin winters.

    These micro practice rods simulate the delay and the feel of a bending fly rod. You can do curve in-the-air mends, S casts, curve casts, parachute and puddle casts.

    This is casting and not fishing. But I've always believed that before you can fly fish, you must learn to fly cast. I also think this is a very good way to teach children who cannot handle a adult rod and the length of real fly line that is needed to lead a rod.

    Gary uses it in his lectures as does George Daniels.



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