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Thread: Which inflatable pontoon???

  1. Default Which inflatable pontoon???

    Hey I am going to purchase a three man inflatable pontoon in the very near future to guide with. Will be in occasional class 3 and class 4 rapids. I am torn between the fish cat, the creek company, and the Dave Scadden model. If anyone has any experiences with any of these or advice, sharing it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Which inflatable pontoon???

    Now: I'm no guide, and excuse me for being obtuse-- but why an inflatable? a nice drift boat can be had for about the same skin---

    Again, I am out of my element-- my water craft is an OK Trident 11 Kayak-- I know nothing of these creatures, but drift boats seem to be preferred from what I can tell.

    As with rods and such-- I'm assuming your answer lies in some basic usage examining. what kind of water will you be frequenting? How much use will it see-- 50 days/ year or 250 days/ yr.? etc.

    Someone will chime in with specific answers to your choices before too long.

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    Dose Fish Cat have a three man? I see this one:

    This affordably-priced two-person fishing boat has an aluminum frame and PVC pontoons. Its durable materials and design can withstand rugged river conditions. Remove the front frame module for a great one-person expedition raft.
    Inflated Size: 65" x 13'
    Tube Diameter: 20"
    Fabric: 1000 PVC/1000 PVC
    Material Weight: 32/32 oz/sq. yd.
    AireCell Material: Vinyl
    Seam Construction: Sewn
    Warranty: 5
    Valve Type: 2-Summit
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Load Capacity: 750 lbs.
    Frame: 11-piece aluminum
    Anchor System: Included
    Motor Mount: Optional
    Oar Type: 8' 2-piece

    But as far as Three person, then Outcast
    Favored by guides all over the world, this 14' fishing raft is the most stable and versatile fishing platform available. The PAC 1400 comes complete with a rower's platform, secure standing decks for bow and stern anglers and can accommodate enough gear for day trips and overnighters.
    Inflated Size: 72" x 14'
    Tube Diameter: 19.25"
    Fabric: 1670 PVC
    Material Weight: 35/43 oz/sq.yd.
    AireCell Material: Urethane
    Seam Construction: Welded
    Warranty: 10
    Valve Type: 5-Leafield
    Weight: 236 lbs.
    Load Capacity: 1150 lbs.
    Frame: 10-pc steel
    Anchor System: Included
    Oar Type: 9' 2-piece

    Then the Creek Company

    The ODC 1624 - The Ultimate 3-Man Fishing Machine. Used by Guides from West Virginia to the Pacific Northwest.
    Frame - Powder-coated aluminum. No tools required. Rowers station with adjustable oar-lock station. Two Fisherman's stations with diamond-plate aluminum casting/standing decks with Leaning Bars. Large, diamond-plate aluminum rear cargo deck with Motor Mount and Lift and Lock Anchor Drop System (anchor and anchor line not included). Cargo Decks are not for standing and fishing off of! Weight limit of 100lbs.! Designed for electric trolling motors only, no more than 36 lbs of thrust!. Padded Plastic Seats for comfort. Rear fisherman's station frame disconnects to convert to 2 man frame. Recommended Accessories: #831 Swivel Mounts, #814 Seat Saddle Bag, Rod Holders (#839,900,901), #813 Power Inflator, #844 7" Pedestal Riser, #904 Repair Kit.
    Pontoons - 16' long, 24" in diameter, 30 oz. PVC covers, 420d nylon liners and 30 gauge PVC bladder system.
    Oars - 8' 3 piece heavy duty oars, Heavy Duty Bronze Oarlocks.
    Storage - 2 large, side storage bags, plus 4 large mesh cargo bags.
    Pump - High volume, double action hand pump.
    Weight - 200 lbs.
    Capacity - 800 lbs.
    This product has an ADDITIONAL UPS oversize shipping charge of $145.00 - Depending on delivery destination total shipping will be approx. $175.50.
    Price: $1999.99

    Weight capacity seems a little weak on this one.

    Then North Fork

    Outlaw Challenger Length 12' width 68" Diam 18" Weight 93 Lbs.
    Weight Capacity 1800 Lbs.
    Frame: Lazer-Lok XXX, Frame material Alcoa 6061 T65, Bladderless
    Oars Alcoa 6061 T65 Oar Locks: Cobra-Lite Seats: Padded
    Anchor System: Thru the Frame White Water Rating Class V
    Warranty: Lifetime

    Outlaw Outfitter Length 14'9" width 68" Diam 18" Weight 109 Lbs.
    Weight Capacity 2000 Lbs.
    Frame: Lazer-Lok XXX, Frame material Alcoa 6061 T65, Bladderless
    Oars Alcoa 6061 T65 Oar Locks: Cobra-Lite Seats: Padded
    Anchor System: Thru the Frame White Water Rating Class V
    Warranty: Lifetime

    Professional Guide Length 15' width 75" Diam 20" Weight 136 Lbs.
    Weight Capacity 2400 Lbs.
    Frame: NRS Fishing, Frame material Alcoa 6061 T65, Bladderless
    Oars Alcoa 6061 T65 Oar Locks: Bronze Seats: Padded
    Anchor System: Side Release White Water Rating Class V
    Warranty: Lifetime

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    Default Re: Which inflatable pontoon???

    Everything i have read about the Creek Company says they are a great boat for the price. However, they are not quite in the same category as the Scadden. Guess it all depends on what you want for your money and just how much use they are gonna get.

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    Default Re: Which inflatable pontoon???

    Hi progolfer26,

    Any of the pontoon boats long enough for three people all have the same problem, the tubes are flat except for the turned up ends. They bounce off of rocks great but they are way harder to maneuver than a drift boat. A drift boat is built with a full rocker bottom and it is much easier to quickly turn the boat. The flat bottom area of a pontoon increases the rowing strength to make turns. Day in, day out you will find a drift boat is much easier to guide from.

    If you do get a pontoon make sure you have long, light weight oars.


  6. Default Re: Which inflatable pontoon???

    Thanks for all of the advice. One gentleman recomended a drift boat instead of an inflatable. Can drift boats manage class four rapids?

  7. Default Re: Which inflatable pontoon???

    What I would do is go to that paticular river and see what others are using. Spend some time at the launch and talk to a couple of people to get their input.

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