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    Default Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Just did some fishing at Standard Rock on Lake Superior and cought a 40 lb lake trout. I want to get a reproduction made but am unsure of where to have it done and what to pay? Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Congrats, that's a great catch.

    It seems like $13.50 an inch is about standard for fiberglass replica fish mounts.

    A good place should be able to use your pictures to produce a quality mount.

    The only mount I ever had made was a sailfish from mexico--- the price to ship it, and the cost to build the wooden crate were each more expensive than the actual mount itself.

    I've never used these guys, but here's a a link just as an example:
    Fish Replica Mounts at Fibertech Productions

    Hopefully you'll get a few specific recommendations for shops from folks on the forum that had their mounts done and are happy with the cost, quality of work and the turnaround time.

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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    What charter service were you using?

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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Bass Pro actually has a very good replica service that runs about $10 an inch if i recall.
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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Check these guys out. I had a replica spotted sea trout made last year and it is so realistic! A lot of replicas IMO look like toys. This thing looks like a skin mount. My fish is actually on their site.

    Elite Bass Replicas
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    I found Blackwater Fish Replicas online. They do a phenomenal job on salmon and trout. They are going to get my brown trout once I save up enough cash.

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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Artistic Anglers. There are no better mounts available from anyone. Seriously. He does almost every mount for all the Cabela's stores, Reeds in Walker MN, all over the place. He's cheaper than most because he actually has the molds and does them himself. Many will buy them from someone else and paint them. Generally from him anyway. The two best are Mat Yernatich who own Artistic Anglers and Ron Lax who Yernatich taught how to do it. He has done mounts for me and they are the best I have.

    Artisic Anglers

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    Default Re: Any ideas on where to get a replica made?

    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    What charter service were you using?

    Duncan Price out of Witz Marina in Skanee Mi. I have family in Skanee and he is a local legend. I have to say he did an awesome job. We were more than pleased and will be booking again for next year. Got us into size and numbers when the fishing was tough and it was awesome to see a conservation minded guide.
    The best laid plans of mice and men...

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