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  1. Question Flyline and Backing

    Hi, I have a Martin MG 10 reel and I mainly use it for bass and pan fish here in NC. I was wondering about the fly line and the backing. I ordered some fly line specially made for bass. It is thirty yards long and a 7 weight line. Do I need a 100 yards of 20 lb backing? And what kind of backing do you suggest?

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    If you're fishing mostly for bass (green varieties) and panfish on stillwaters, you will likely never actually need the backing, as they are not one to make long runs. If you plan on using the reel for fishing rivers or on stripers or hybrids, then the backing could come into play, and would allow you to stay connected to the fish after it runs off the 30 yards of that fly line. ----------------------------------------------Even if the backing will not be "needed", you still would likely benefit from having some on your reel. If that reel is in fact intended for line weights 6-8 or so, then it should have plenty of room for 100 yds of 20 lb dacron backing and your 7wt fly line. By putting the backing on your fly reel first, your fly line will be wound onto your fly reel in larger circles, thus reducing its tendency to be tightly coiled once it is off the reel and being fished. The larger circles also mean that when using the reel to land a fish, you will be bringing in more line with each crank of the reel. Dacron is the standard material for fly line backing, though it often will have another title/brand name. I would go with a braided polyester, not a spider wire type line, and definitely not monofilament.

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    Thanks, allot Cliff! I am so ready to do some fishing this year for bream and bass once it warms up a little bit. I'll have to post some pictures

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