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Thread: Pike Minnow

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    Not knowing a lot about the pike minnow outside of the fact they love small fry to eat. I was wondering how damaging they are on the trout population and do you release them back to the water after catching?

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    I do recall seeing that some state's DNR has some sort of bounty on pikeminnows to prevent them from devastating the salmonid population. So that has to mean something. However, prior to hearing about them in the past week on this forum, I had never heard of them before :/
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    It is a native fish in western Montana. Though it is predaceous I just figure if it's native then I see no reason to target it. But maybe it is considered invasive in other areas.

    Northern Pikeminnow - Montana Field Guide

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    I learn something everytime I come to this forum. Even with a batch of (eastern) icthyology courses, I don't remember ever coming across a pike minnow. Thanks for the info!

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    I've never heard of a pike minnow before, but I read they can reach 90 lbs...and they are the largest minnow!

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