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Guest1 08-08-2011 03:38 AM

I have been a member of this forum for a considerable time now. I have looked at easily many hundreds of threads. Out of those threads, on a very rare occasion, I am amazed. A good example is the artwork that just came out of a post by Didgeridoo. By the way, his name comes from an Australian Aborigine musical instument. See here: Just awasome.
We have many members that inspire awe. I have determined from just a few posts that WJC may be the best technical distance caster on the forum. (Because nobody else has posted on it, my Canadian friend who casts unbelievable distances said 'he's right' ) and if he isn't recognized for it and it's because either there are people who have done a better job of remaining incognito, or we just are not paying attention. There are guys like Hardyreels who not only tie flies you know will work, but are works of art at the same time. He has also made the forum a better and more informative place just through his work and knowledgee.
I have become so much a fan of Ard's flies I know I could spot one any where. I'm sure I'm misspelling it, but Cicvara's flies. Same kind of thing. There are guys( and gals, sorry Joni) on this forum who every day, deserve our respect and our awe. I have mentioned a couple here, bet they are far from being the only ones who deserve our pat on the back. They don't ask for it, they sure don't expect it, but let's give them the cudos they so rightly deserve here. We have friends here we have never met face to face, but care deeply for them nevertheless. Ard went missing and I launched an interstate search for him. He's not then only one I have. Aroostookbassr had a serious accident and missed some time on the forum. He had a great excuse as well. He head a major accident, and was seriously injured. I for one am very happy he is making a recovery.
We have great memebers who for one reason or another refuse the recognition they desrvere. I want to force them to accept te recognition they should have with this thread.

For starters lets go with Ard. Here is a guy who can tie virtually any type of fly and fish it. WJC because lacking video but on the word of a friend of mine who can cast farther than any human I have ever seen....... by far, said so. Fysh, who despite his confused outlook on some things is an amazing flyfisherman. Joni, the furled leader redheaded goddes. JP fpr his uncanny recognitition of the the importance of the mustache and his sense of humor.

Tell me why you you think a member ( or not, maybe some other person ) deserves our awe.

My awe of the day goes to my Canadian friend who said to me just about 2 years ago to the day, "How do you cast those things?" I watched him take a Cabela's 3 forks rod $40 some dollars, I just got one one for less than $30 on sale) and a $10 K-Mart line and do a cast of 126'. The forum will not allow me to post what I said. I have a pretty impressive number if records, but my teaching my Canadian friend is one of the things if the most I am most proud of in fly fishing.

Tell us who inspires you and why.

(OK I'll tell you now he thinks there was a wind assist. but I watched him do repeated 116 - 117' casts with a 45 degree headwind and the only faults there were his ... He said but I will not repeat.

gatortransplant 08-08-2011 07:47 AM

Re: Amazed?
I have to say that I'm amazed by a great number of the people on this forum, with the sheer depth of knowledge possessed, experience (and experiences) to be passed along, and the notable catches (and near catches) shared. I'm amazed by how great a resource this forum represents because of its members. Didgeridoo's "Quiet Anticipation" is indeed excellent, as are Ard's flies as well as his experince, and these are hardly the only amazing things I encounter on the forum, just as Dan says. I'm just happy to be a part of it all, even if my contributions are trivial :p

ncflyboy 08-08-2011 10:33 AM

Re: Amazed?
I tip my hat to Ard. I admire him be cause he gives practical advice, treats everyone with respect, and shares a wealth of flyfishing knowledge. I have learned from him in my relatively short time as a forum member here. :)



jpbfly 08-08-2011 11:48 AM

Re: Amazed?'re right...simply forgot to mention he's a great story teller...a kind of speaking encyclopedia:D
Right again with all the other guys and gals you talked about....right again when ou speak about the great friendship we can find here...:)
About friends...Larry .....always a kind word for everyone,do hope we can meet some day;)
Allan...outstanding was great fun to fish with him here in France.:)
Mark...amazing knowledge about flytying and materials...great job on the swaps.:bowdown:
Dan(I mean HRD not you:p...for you catch bigger fish than I do:D) for his sense of humor.:D
Dennis....the guy who doesn't make noise...but gives lots of helpful advice.:icon_wink
Mladen...great flies and stream pics...:)
Davo....for being a one word thread fan:D
Frank....for all the job he does to run the the way we haven't see him for a while:(:bowdown:
Mike...a fishing poet with words and pics:icon_wink
Paul...for keeping me company on the chat..;)
and thanks to everyone for accepting and bearing me here:D:D....including Fysh...LOL

raindogt 08-08-2011 05:15 PM

Re: Amazed?
From what I know about DDan-- which can be summed up with 'chatbox, libations, off-color jokes, and...???' I am certain that the intention of this thread was not to 'persuade' people to praise him, but I must.

Many reasons are self evident-- his knowledge, his helpfulness, the absurd sizes of fish that he finds.... :D---

The one thing that really in-debts me to Dan is the fact that he spent a good half to a full hour on the phone with me (on his dime) to walk me thru a (in hindsight) really elementary rod building question that I had. If I wasn't appreciative enough on the phone-- I will say many thanks again, here.

Of course, there are many others-- the ones mentioned-- for the reasons mentioned, and more. The really fantastic thing about this forum is the diversity and the willingness of all members to help. It goes against the premise of this thread, but I think the aggregate make up of this forum is what makes it what it is--

madjoni 08-08-2011 05:49 PM

Re: Amazed?
Thanks JP :)

wjc 08-09-2011 11:03 AM

Re: Amazed?
This forum wouln't be what it is without all it's members. Thanks for the kind words, Dan, but Jackster, for one, knows more about casting than I. He's just more reserved and doesn't throw out a bunch of guesswork.

This is a great forum because of all the memebers contributions. I'd like to fish with any of the members here. And I haven't had that chance yet.

I'm hoping to fish with Davo on his annual spring trip. During midday when tarpon have lockjaw, we could head out for some dolphin/blackfin action. You are only 20 miles north of me Davo. We can also go to my night hole in Islamorada for hungry, feeding tarpon. Closest bridge is far enough away not to be a problem except for the ocassional 140+ lb mean momma ocean blueback. But even then, I've got some experience threading those pilings. You just might have to hold a Q-beam while hanging onto a tarpon with the other hand. :cool:

A vacation is no good if you don't need a couple days of work after it to re-coupperate from exhaustion anyhow. :D So let's do it next time!!


gatortransplant 08-09-2011 12:02 PM

Re: Amazed?
If this FL forum meet-up happens before I leave for Europe, can I tag along?

wjc 08-09-2011 07:57 PM

Re: Amazed?
Absolutely. And if Davo gets tied up with family, then we'll just have to go without him.:thumbsupu

Ard 08-09-2011 09:13 PM

Re: Amazed?
This was a nice thing for you to put up Dan,

I will thank Frank for understanding me, that helped a lot here. Frank & Larry do all the work I just talk a lot :) If I could I would help every new member and especially those just starting to fly cast to know what I know. It may not win them a contest but it took most of my life to learn. I have no children so I try to pass a little help to anyone who will accept it. If when I am gone there is a 40 something person who one day would tell their child "I learned that trick from a guy named Ard Stetts", that would make everything I've ever done worth while.

Thank you Dan, JP, AJ, EVERYBODY!

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