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  1. Default Herters Fishing Flies

    I came across some Herters fishing flies that I would like to find the History of.
    If any one can email me a copy from a Herters Catalog of the following flies I would greatly appriciate it. I will send out 2 packs of flies for the first responder.

    Thank you!

    I have availble Herters Fishing Flies

    Flies and packages are in great shape

    Original Muddler Minnow
    Size 2, 4, 6, 8

    Weighted Muddler Minnow
    Size 6, 10

    Polar Bear
    Size 6,8,10

    Silver Doc
    Size 14

    I will sell any qty at $3.00 per package and shipping $5.00

    Please visit my site at New Page 1


  2. Default Re: Herters Fishing Flies

    Check your email !!!

    Capn' Jack Sparrow

  3. Default Re: Herters Fishing Flies

    For some reason your email kicked them back and I got a failure notice.

    Capn' Jack Sparrow

  4. Default Re: Herters Fishing Flies

    Thanks for your interest. I realized the link is not working on my website. I will take a look at it today.

  5. Default Re: Herters Fishing Flies

    My Link on my website is now working please email me with any questions of if you have print outs from the Herters catalogs.


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