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    Default Floating Loop Connectors

    I like the SA connectors (can't remember the name) that you can twist a little plastic gizmo to change leaders. But I want a loop so I can change to 6 foot sink tips, specialized nymphing leaders, etc.

    Do the Cortland Floating braided loops really float that much better than standard loops? I have a cople of the standard ones, and I tested them in the sink. The loops themselves float, but the shrink-tubes that cover the connection sink. Do the floating connectors have different shrink tubes?

    I may be cheap, but I don't want to spend $7 on a set of connectors, put them on, and then find out that they work no better than what I have now.

    BTW, right now I'm using the SA connector on my floating 4 weight 555 Dynatip, since I don't envision using a sink tip extension on that. My 6 wt has a hand-tied nailknot of old leader material, tied in a perfection loop about 6 inches from the end of the fly line. The butt material is stiff enough that it has a permanent curve from storing on the reel. When fishing , the curve tends to pull the very end of the fly line underwater, and it bugs the **** out of me.

    Maybe I should call it the "IMperfection loop".
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    Any braided loop floats ok when they're first introduced to the water. Its after a few/several casts do they start to sink. That's always been my experience anyway. The Cortland floating loops float very well. I'm not gonna say that they float perfectly... but the do perform much better than the standard braided leader loop.

    Now... the shrink tube that covers the fly line should be floated by the line itself. The sinking is usually a product of the loop portion becoming saturated with water... when it sinks it takes the rest down with it.

    I have often rubbed the loop with a fly flotant gel. This keeps the water out for a while and allows the loop to float nicely for several casts.

    Braided leader loops definitely come with certain disadvantages... but I like them and use them on all of my outfits. And, I use nothing but the Cortland floating leader loops on all of them. PM me your address and I'll send you one to try out.

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    As you say floatant usually works for me but I am not sure of any loops that naturally float.
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    Default Re: Floating Loop Connectors

    One thing that will help the braided loop to float is to soak it in Hydrostop for an hour. Hydrostop is great stuff an I use it a lot. It is especially good with yarn indicators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makubwa View Post
    As you say floatant usually works for me but I am not sure of any loops that naturally float.
    Cortland makes two types of braided leader loops. Regular and floating. The floating loops float much better that the regular. As I said before... they're not perfect, but they're a big improvement.

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    Default Re: Floating Loop Connectors

    I use both the Cortland floating braided leader loops and the Hydrostop. I have started to do the same thing that Frank is doing with his and have seen a major improvement in the floatation of my flyline.
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    I say, cut that braided loop off and make a loop in the line. Just cut the end of the line at an angle, fold it over and cover with regular fly tying thread. I like red for an indicator. You can make a loop small enought to go throught the tip top guide. Coat it with Aqua seal or Knot Sense to make it smooth and keep the thread from getting cut.
    Works like a champ.

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    Default Re: Floating Loop Connectors

    If you use the braided sleeves don't use crazy glue around the shrink tubing sleeve. I learned the hard way that it makes the braided portion just out from the sleeve brittle & stiff & it will weaken & break from the constant flexing of casting. i lost a nice fish because I just didn't think the sleeve would hold on.

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