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Thread: Knocking on wood

  1. Default Knocking on wood

    So, I will be a bit of a road warrior, due to work and family obligations for the next few months. It will take me to varied species, and just about every type of water. I can't do it all, so I am planning my goto targets. As I do this, I've been going through my gear and making sure I'm set up for my goal locations.

    Which brings me to a tip, I thought I might throw out for the newer folks or just a good reminder for whoever else.

    Anytime I see a window of heavy fishing coming, I do some prep in the house in my off time. I have been finding myself hyper aware of my CEILING FAN! I pre-plan times to shut it off when I know I'll be having gear sex in the living room.

    I have never lost a rod this way, but I have come super close. Just a reminder to folks, cause I rarely have any of those random useful tips that haven't already been highly written about. And if it happened to me, it would normally come at a bad time to have a rod in the mail. Don't let it be you, and you too can more safely enjoy your gear geekout in the house.

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    I doubt you are as hard on gear as Bill Dance... Case in point:

    [ame=]Fishing Bloopers - YouTube[/ame]

    Kind of long, but always good for a laugh.

    Good reminder.

    I find myself to be acutely aware of my ceiling fan whan I am tying flies-- otherwise I have feathers and hair floating around everywhere... LOL .

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    Awww, fans are the worst, I haven't broken a tip in one yet but they blow stuff everywhere when your tying. My tying station is in the corner of my room so if i turn the fan off it gets stuffy in my little corner, if i turn it on it blows stuff everywhere. It's really a lose lose situation.

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    Default Re: Knocking on wood

    Another very useful observation Chrome, good post.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Knocking on wood

    I love those Bill Dance bloopers, especially since I used to watch him all the time when I was younger. Just out of curiosity, if one were to reverse the fan direction just so it circulates air rather than blowing down and wrecking material havoc, maybe this would keep it from getting stuffy without redecorating the room?
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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