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Thread: Customer Service....

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    That is great to hear.
    Those are sweet boats. I fished with a guy that has one. Couldn't believe all of the accessories that he had on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troutslayer View Post
    Always good to hear about the lost art of 'customer service'! I would add kuddos to CVabela's for their fine customer service. Bought a pair of wader boots and within two months the stitching was coming out. Took them back and they shipped another pair. Used them around a month and same thing-stitching coming out. Took them back and got a gift card instead of an exchange with no questions asked. I bought a higher priced pair and am extremely pleased with them. They stand behind what they sell!
    Cabela's is indeed an excellent company. I've returned a spotlight, a flashlight, a flyrod that broke the first time I hooked a fish, and a couple other odds and ends, never a hassle from them. I think they know that their customers are by in large loyal and spend a lot of money (far too much, in my case) with them.

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    I just received the first part of my order from Allen and so far they have been a great company to deal with. The Alpha II seems spectacular so I can't wait for my rod to show up! They also threw in some extra goodies so I can't complain!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Just a quick update:

    Ocean Kayak sent the pair of replacement handles, I have drilled the old handles off, and re-riveted the new on. My kayak is mended! (not that it wasn't sea worthy before.... )

    BIG THANKS to Ocean Kayak! They did what they said they were going to do-- And went beyond expectations to keep a customer for life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whalensdad View Post
    Let me add another company, TFO. I borrowed a friends rod and broke one of the guides. It was a Lefty Kreh Series I that he had purchased when they first came out. He didn't remember if he ever sent in the warranty and was going to do the repair himself. I said that I would call TFO and pay for the repair, since I broke the guide. I called and the women I spoke to told me to just send the rod in and that they would waive the warranty fee. I know the next rod I buy will be from TFO.
    I'll second that. I had a 4pc TFO 9wt in a tube in my back seat. I was t-boned while crossing an intersection. The tube and all 4 pieces broke in two. TFO replaced the rod.
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    I just want to give kudos to Templefork. Perhaps that company's service and friendship with guys working there are the reasons why I got into this fly fishing frenzy. About four years ago I brought a temple fork two piece rod to the service center in Dallas, my first rod which I ruined due to my inexperience. A couple of guys at the service place came out with a big smile on their face and wanted to talk about what kind of fishing I was doing and so on. They just look at my rod and go back to the inventory section of the building and gave me a new part, and told me that fish hard and if something happens bring it back to them.

    That was the beginning of my relationship with them. Last week I visited them just for checking out their new rod calle BVK which so many of us here find it such a good rod. Anyway I talked with one of the guys (I do not want to give out his name because I think so many people want to spend time with him now a days. His name is not Lefty ) and he showed me how to cast up to 100 foot. He is not a tall guy, about 5 7 or 8 ish. He just took out BVK 6 wt and after several false casting and a long back casting, he shoot the line all the way to the backing. I show my casting and he gave some tips.

    One thing that impressed me most about this guy was that he put his guide net on the wall of his office. He told that he was excited to help and see people catch fish, and the net was some sort of reminder for him that fly fishing is all about caring about others.

    When I was about to leave, he lend me two BVKs for about a month to try. He knows that I am crazy about Czech nymphing. Recently the temple fork produced a 3 wt 10 foot rod which in other website is known as one of the favorite weapons in their quiver. I want to give a try and give a report when I go fishing at the end of this month.

    Some companies sell good products but a great company inspires people with their passion for what they are doing.

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    I can attest to the CS at Allen Fly Fishing. I purchased my 9/10 alpha II a month or so ago and was very pleased when it arrived. Probably two weeks later I came home from fishing and their was another package from Allen on the doorstep. I'm assuming the second reel was sent on accident as I ordered during the time they were moving facilities.

    I called Justin and asked where they would like the second reel shipped back to (I only paid for one) as it was clearly mistake as they work out the bugs during expansion. He asked me if I had any family or friends that fly fished. I said yes my brother and I fish together often and he told me to gift it to him or something along those lines.

    At first I was hesitant to blast my story on a forum as sometimes I feel by reading about occurrences such as mine it can cause some individuals to feel its now a precedent or that they should be entitled to something greater then just good service. However, I decided to share it as this kind gesture has tied me to their company now as well as my brother who scored a quality reel for free. I want to share the story so those like me who were debating dealing with a small company without getting their hands on the product first, can be assured they would be dealing with a top notch company.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kevthebassman View Post
    I always go out of my way to sing the praises of companies that give excellent customer service. For any of you fellows out there like me who are into firearms: Thompson Center are a pleasure to deal with. Ruger is an absolutely fantastic company who will really go the extra mile for their customers, I'm a customer for life.

    I will keep Ocean Kayak in mind if/when I'm in the market.
    Speaking of firearms and great customer service... I don't know if it gets any better than the customer service at Springfield Armory.

    I won a couple of their pistols in a contest this year (an XDM .40 3.8 compact and a Range Officer 1911). The rules clearly stated that any items won in the contest would have absolutely NO warranty what-so-ever and were to be accepted "as-is". Well when I opened up the 1911 when I got it... it has adjustable rear sights and the rear sight on mine was broken (when turning the screws to adjust up/down or left/right it did nothing). I contact SA letting them know about the issue and said I understood that it was not warrantied but I would be more than happy to pay to have them fix the site. They said to ignore the "lawyer speak" of the contest and to rest assured that they would warranty those two handguns for me for life. They sent me an RMA to have it overnighted to their facility free of charge. I shipped it off at lunch on a Wednesday... they contacted me early Thursday letting me know they had received it, they replaced the sight, sighted it in for 25 yards, had two different smiths test it out to make sure it worked properly, did a full inspection of everything else to make sure nothing else was wrong with the gun and already had it in the mail on it's way back to me. I received it by 10am the next day on Friday morning.

    They have a customer for life in me!

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    Default Re: Customer Service....

    I've just had an excellent experience with Redington/Sage. I had a problem with the zipper on my waders, and even though the warranty had expired, they sent me a new pair of their Sonic Pro Waders. They are really sweet, and the return time was super fast. One thing I noticed was that Rio is now included on their letterhead.

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    A few years ago I was given an Okuma Helios 8/9 reel. Probably not a brand I would consider when shopping for an 8/9 reel but it has actually held up pretty well. I just opened it up to clean and lube it. In the process I mangled the spring that supports the ball detent for the drag knob. Called Okuma, explained that the real 3 years old and that I broke the spring. I asked how much a new assembly is, apparently it's free because it's going in the mail today at no charge. I know it's probably only a few bucks but it's a nice gesture, Kudos to Okuma.
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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