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Thread: Chubs

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    kinda sounds like these northern pikeminnow we have here.... some stretches of rivers are just filled with them.... 3 inchers all the way up to 18+ inches....

    and they only seem to appear during the warm summer months....

    this is when i bring out my 3wt rod and try to entice one of those 18 inchers with a small hopper pattern.

    i've eaten northern pikeminnow before.... i'd probably eat a chub too.

    pan-fried in bacon grease.

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    actually.... i think i'm gonna go catch some of them pikeminnows with my 3wt come my lunch break.... stay tuned for photos in my picture thread.

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    Thanks all for the replies, I think I will take the advise to contact the fish and game and see if they are aware #1 and to find what if anything they are willing to do or let me do for them.

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