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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeway View Post
    I've tried furled leaders, and maybe the guy that made them didn't do it quite right, but mine seemed to slowly twist as I retrieved them, like they were un-ravelling.

    You could also try a braided loop leader, instead of a furled leader. Same principle, but they're braided instead of furled. You should be able to find them in Orvis shops, since Orvis makes them.

    This winter I've done quite a bit of streamer fishing with the home-made removable sink tips, and they fished quite well. I had a ten foot sink tip line on one rod, and the removeable tips on full floating line on another rod, and I kept trading back and forth to compare them. Except for the noise as the loops went though the rod guide, they fished paractically indentically. I think they;re a good altrnative if your budget doesn't allow for a sinking line and a spare spool or reel.

    No disrespect Jakeway, but, there is a big difference between a FURLED and a BRAIDED. They do not act the same. I have used both and PERSONALLY, didn't care for the braided at all. It retains more water and will spray when trying to recast a lot more that a furled. Braided when pulled through the water disrupts the water, but a furl (as you said) will twist and move more freely. I haven't seen your furled but, think you are right about it not being done right. Maybe too loose or not the right loop on the end.
    I am still with Cliff on this one with the shooting heads. In fact try casting a little to the side. It will be a chuck and duck. But just slow down a little and all that Cliff said.

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    For those who don't know about furled leaders, this is what Feather Craft says about theirs. Feather Craft is a big supported of furled leaders and is a good source for them.

    FEATHER-CRAFT "UNIFORM SINKING" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADERS () FEATHER-CRAFT "UNIFORM SINKING" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADERS All of the advantages and features of our best-selling Next Generation Furled Leaders, combined with all of the advantages of fluorocarbon. By combining multiple strands of fluorocarbon, and varying our design formulas, we have created a line of "Uniform-Sinking" Furled Leaders that will get your flies down fast. Loop one of these leaders on the end of your floating fly line, and "presto", you're fishing a sink tip fly line. Add 2-3 feet of tippet material to the tiny metal ring at the end of the leader to complete the sinking leader system.

    With your outfit and to keep you from buying a new line, here is what I would do. Use a 9' leader if you have a 9' rod, tie an indicator at the top of the leader just before where it connects to the fly line. Use weighted flies or split shot to get the fly down to the proper depth. When I fish this way I cut off 3/4's of the tippet and then add mine own tippet of 18" or so. I fasten the leader end and the tippet end with two loops. You can use the tippet knot to add you slip shot and it won't slid down the line. This is a basic nymph setup but should work for your application.

    The very best arrangement would be to buy a new uniform sink tip fly line.

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    When I make a sinking Furled leader, I add one strand of Kevlar to the Nylon mix. Not only makes it strong as heck, the Kevlar will help it sink faster.

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    Joni is right about doing the cast with the weighted sinking leader off to the side. Here is a link to an info page on polyleaders from the fine fly shop that sold me my first one years ago. They are great folks and will take good care of you. PolyLeaders

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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