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  1. Default Newbie Questing about leader

    Hey all,

    I've recently been getting into fly fishing, practicing my casts and what not. Here's the question:

    It's Sand Bass fishing time. I was out last weekend, and the sandies were all hitting below the surface. When I was trout fishing I was using a floating line, and hoovering leader. If the sandies are hitting down below, can I just change to a sinking leader and stay with my floating line, or should I consider getting a sinking line also to go with the sinking leader?

    That line is pretty pricey, should I change it; what's the best way to keep my floating line in tip top shape?

    This is a shallow slow moving river by the way. The holes are maybe 8-10 ft deep.


  2. Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    Mattrick, need a little more info on your line. A lot of the pricier lines are no mainteniance, and self lube. All I do is rinse my whole spool off in clear water once in a while.
    As far as the sand Bass, is this still water or a river?. The sink tips will work on both, but if you are fishing stillwater you might want to think about a full sink line. I would personally recommend a Type II for all around conditions.

    If you want to dress your line there is some good products out there. I like Glide. Put it on a cloth and run your line through it, then run the line through a clear dry cloth a couple of times.

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    Matt, you might try a flurocarbon furled leader of about 6 feet with a 2 foot fluro tippet. This should enable you to get to the bottom in most of the water, that is, unless the river is more holes than not. I've found in using the fluro leader arrangement, a weighted fly such as usually used for sandies will get you down, and will actually pull the end of your floating line down with it. Most of the sandy flies we use are either Cypert minnows or Clouser minnows, with enough weight in the eyes to get a good sink. Hope this helps.

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    Good point Gordon. But with him being a newbie, I am sure he has no idea on the Flouro Furled Leader. (which by the way, thanks, I never thought of that ;-)
    The clousers should do it though.
    Those 4' sink tips could work also.

  5. Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    It is a river with a current, not stillwater. This fluorocarbon furled leader sounds interesting. I'll have to check into this.

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    Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    one of the cheapest ways to get down with the gear you have is a sink tip kit... i got mine at a fly shop here and cant find the package or rememer the name,, its 12 foot of 6 inches per second level line and several loop ends you have to put on your self.. i made a 4 foot and 8 foot with some extra orvis ends and it works pretty well..(once you figuree how to get the loops on right..) you get a hinge at the loops while casting sometimes, and they over weight your rod,,, but ive cought alot of fish with the 4 foot and a 6 weight in 1 1/2 to 4 feet of water.. im going to try the 8 foot on a 7 weight rod tommorow in a deep hole and see what happens.. i t is put on the end of your floating line and they work quite well for the 12 bucks i paid for it.. your floating line makes stripping then casting easier behind this setup... but youl eventually find out what works for you the best... i fish for trout by the way, dont know what a sandy is. but good luck, dave...

  7. Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    Sandies (Sand bass) is also called white bass if I recall. We catch a lot of them this time of year as they move up river. In the next month or so, we'll start seeing hybrid bass and crappie.

    Sink Tip kits and fluorocarbon furled leaders, no know what I'm going looking for tomorrow.

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    Don't know if you can find a FURLED leader in a store. I make my own, but I have never made one out of Flouro. I make mine out of Uni thread and Nylon.

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    Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    I've tried furled leaders, and maybe the guy that made them didn't do it quite right, but mine seemed to slowly twist as I retrieved them, like they were un-ravelling.

    You could also try a braided loop leader, instead of a furled leader. Same principle, but they're braided instead of furled. You should be able to find them in Orvis shops, since Orvis makes them.

    This winter I've done quite a bit of streamer fishing with the home-made removable sink tips, and they fished quite well. I had a ten foot sink tip line on one rod, and the removeable tips on full floating line on another rod, and I kept trading back and forth to compare them. Except for the noise as the loops went though the rod guide, they fished paractically indentically. I think they;re a good altrnative if your budget doesn't allow for a sinking line and a spare spool or reel.
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    Default Re: Newbie Questing about leader

    I like the sinking leaders for what you're looking for, but they are a bit different to cast. They really are like a miniature shooting head, so it will probably help to cast more like one would when using a shooting head.

    Hold on, I'm gonna 'splain it: You won't want to have as much line outside the rod tip while false casting, since that sinking leader is still heavier than your fly line. If you normally have 30' of line out before shooting, you may want to have more like 15' and the 7' of sinking leader. Play with it and figure out what works for you.

    You also will need to bring that sinking leader up to the surface before picking up the line. If it were me, I would strip in line until I had 15-20' of fly line outside the rod tip, roll cast once to put the leader on top, and then pick up the line and cast. If you can get the timing right for a single haul on the forward cast, then you should be able to follow this short procedure and throw pretty lengthy casts.

    Just curious, where about are you fishing? If you're in TX I can give some good recommendations as to rivers to fish.

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