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    Default Re: Line Question (not Fly line related)

    Silver nailed it. I too use a short piece of mono, sized as per Silver's suggestions as an extension of my fly line with a Perfection Loop in the end for connecting my full leaders.

    Now, back to your original question regarding tying some Parasol Emergers, since I'm the guy that has promoted them on this site, I guess I have info that may be helpful. I've tied a lot of these flies, and have experimented with numerous sizes and types of tippet material to get the best results. I have settled on using 2X mono for the parasol post as it is just stiff enough to keep from wrapping around the hook when casting, yet small and flexible enough to attach to the hook well. I tried Fluoro for the posts, but the advantage of possible invisibility in the water is outweighed by its stiffness. Also, for a fish to be able to see the post of 1/4-inch in between the fly and the parasol would probably take a miracle, so there is really no advantage to using fluorocarbon material for posts.

    Check out this post in order to see step-by-step directions and photos: Tying Schollmeyer's Parasol Emerger

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Line Question (not Fly line related)


    Actually it was your post that got me interested in tying one .

    All - Thanks for all the great info. I can't wait to try out the few I tied to see if I can get a hookup.


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