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Thread: Sea Anchors?

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    Default Sea Anchors?

    Read a thread where the author spoke of drifting thru a slow current with a up river wind. Just wondering if any body uses sea anchors to help pull them thru stretches of up river wind?

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    The problem of using a sea anchor on a river is the risk of snagging the sea anchor on a submerged stump, snag, or other object. This could create a crisis very quickly, in which the boat suddenly swings on the snag. You would want an instant release on the rope connecting the sea anchor to the boat. There are knots designed for instant release under heavy load, best to test that on dry land.

    Sea anchors are generally used well out to sea, where the risk of obstacles is low, and the current is minimal. Lakes should also be a good use of sea anchors.


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    Rafergusun has it right, I think. The rivers where I fish, you would quickly find it more of a handicap than a help. Maybe in the slowest stretches of the river it would be of some use, but it's absolutely not something I would use during cold weather, don't need anything adding to the risk of taking a dip in cold water.

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