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Thread: Fly fishing contest

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    I have a question for the board. If you had won a contest to fly fish (guided) anywhere in the lower 48 states where would you want to go for 3 days in lets say Sept. Also in that prize package what rod and reel and waders would you like to win? What would your dream set up be? There is a reason for my madness for picking your brain.

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    I'm pretty easy to please. I would choose my favorite small stream in Southwest Colorado. Its miles from anyone... total seclusion and packed full of hungry Cutts willing to slam dry flies all day long. Pretty good size ones too. I would choose a G.Loomis GLX Stream Dance 2wt fly rod with a Hardy Lightweight Fly Weight reel. I suppose I would choose a Cortland 444 Spring Creek fly line.

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    For me, Henry's Fork and I agree with the Streamdance GLX 10' 5wt rod and the Hardy reel.

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    Since we are dreaming here,I think I would take a guided trip with A.K and J.G on the frying pan or perhaps a trip to the white with D.W,or perhap's a trip down the bitterroot,what about the little big horn.......................................Oh man spmeone stop me.
    Tight Lines

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    It would definately be saltwater. I fish most of my dream trout streams all year. Sept. kinda cramps my style, but I'd still pick salt. The Keys would be cool, but if I could pick it would be SW FL, Tampa Bay and south. Species would be large redfish, snook and trout for half the day, and the other half offshore going after little tunny and kings.

    My set up would be (and is, but I'd take another) Sage 8 wt. Xi2, Tibor Everglades reel (black), Rio Saltwater line and Rio leaders. 10 wt. on the kings, I'll use the guides if you won't give me 2 rods. Probably won't need waders, but if it is included in my winnings I'll take Simms G3's and G3 boots.

    Let me go in June, same place, monster tarpon all the way and make it a 12 wt. That is my dream trip and I am booked for the 14th and 15th of June. Been planning and saving for 2 years, 88 more days!!!!!!!
    Lets go huntin, fishin, drinkin or sumthin!!

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    By the way Deuce 22, tell me about this madness of yours.
    Lets go huntin, fishin, drinkin or sumthin!!

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    I wish I could tell more about the details but I am trying to get a contest off the ground for Oakley. We are launching a new fishing specific line of eyewear that took me 9 mths of testing and R&D. This will be a contest lined up for a very large account of mine. I was thinking of a Winston rod w/ a Abel (fish scene) reel or a Ross. Our marketing told me to shoot for the stars on it so that was what I was doing.

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    Well if you want to really go for broke, how about an Orvis 150th Aniversery Bamboo Rod with a Vom Hofe reel.

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    I will check into the Orvis. The thing is I will need 10 by Sept. I was hoping to make it a contest that the winners went away going "Wow that was one of the coolest things that have ever happened to me"

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    You work for Oakley. I think you are gonna be my new best friend. Love the glasses, but they are a little out of my budget.

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