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Thread: I'm back!!

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    Default I'm back!!

    I've been out of the fly fishing game for around 15 years. Fortunately my 8 and 5 year old have recently fallen in love with river fishing! We have been hitting the Big Thompson and Rocky Mountain National Park almost every weekend! My question is: I'm now looking for a new fly rod and reel combo. I have an old Cortland that I used back when I was a kid that I can cast pretty well. With all the chooses these days my head is spinning!! What would be a good combo for me? G Loomis xperience, Sage Vantage, St. Croix Avid, Winston Passport, TFO Professional, TFO Finesse, Ross Worldwide FS, Orvis Streamline, Cabelas different lines? Wow, too many chooses!! Are the more expensive combos worth the extra money? I would like to keep it around $300 or under. We fish for trout in small rivers and streams with a once a year trip to the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork which are much bigger rivers then we fish on a regular basis. We also fish a lot of high mountain lakes within the park. Should I go with a slower action for the small rivers and streams? Thanks for all the help!! I'm very excited to be back and it's icing on the cake to do it with my kids!! Life is good!!


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    Default Re: I'm back!!

    Visit a local fly shop and cast a few rods. The one that casts the best for you and hits your budget is the one that you want.

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    Default Re: I'm back!!

    Plus one to MoscaPescador's suggestion.

    All those rods that you mentioned are good. But until you cast them, you would n't know which fits best for you. And another benefit of visting fly shops around your neck of woods is that they may know a best outfit for the local rivers and spring creeks.

    Speaking of all those places you mention, I wish that I have a teleport machine so that I can be there right now.

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    Default Re: I'm back!!

    Welcome to the forum torr,

    As a former Colorado resident and frequent visitor I've fished all of the water you mentioned. I used an old Orvis 7'9" 5 weight and it worked well on everything fished. I'm not familiar with all the new rods but offered my comments based on the length & weight of the rod I use. I hope you find a good combo and get fishing.


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    Default Re: I'm back!!


    Hope you enjoy fishing the park as much as I do. I find myself up there almost every weekend too. You had quite a few questions so I will try to hit on them. Since you and I fish alot of the same water possibly the gear preferneces would be the same too. One of your questions is the more expensive gear worth it and my answer is yes, just not at retail prices

    Here is what I use in the areas you are talking about

    Big Thompson Canyon
    Sage TXL 7'10" 3wt or TXL 7'10" 4wt depending on the wind and what I am throwing. Once Sept hits I use a 9' 4wt since the bigger browns get active and sometimes have to reach a little further to hit the other bank.

    Big Thompson in the park
    No wind = Elkhorn 7' 1wt for dries only no dropper (nudge nudge wink wink these rods are fantastic for the price and the shop is in Loveland on the way out of town to the park)

    Some wind Sage TXL 3wt
    Wind or using big dry / dropper Sage TXL 4wt

    for what you are talking about doing with one rod to cover it all a 9'4wt would be a good choice. I prefer shorter for the Big T or small creeks in the park, but if you are hitting the lakes too then a 9 footer would be good . You asked about slower rods for rivers streams, that is a personal preference style type of thing but for me I find med fast to fast action rods work better since there is a lot of "flipping" and roll casting going on vs traditional full bore fly cast.

    To bad I just sold my Sage Launch 8'6" 3wt this wekeend I would have let you try it out. I dont know if this breaks forum rules but I do have a 9' 4wt St Croix Legend Ultra on Craigslist right now that I only used twice.

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    Also this guy is local and his website is a phenomonal resource for bugs and fly patterns. Really helps keep it simple.


    Ive emailed josh many times and he is always helpful
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    Talking Re: I'm back!!

    Hey there, new to the forum and new to the fly game, however I live in the roaring fork valley, and just spent the summer doing tons of research and then getting my own setup. If cost was not an issue I would likely go with a Scott rod, maybe the new F2 for some nice small waters. Great Colorado company with outstanding craftsmanship. Of course a Sage would look good in your hand, along with G Loomis, or a R. L. Winston. A friend just purchased one for around 200 that looks great and fishes just as well. But with my research and testing all the above rods plus others, for the price, I went with TFO. A company out of Texas that gets its blanks over seas but has an amazing feeling rod, that reminded me of the much higher end rods, and a great warranty. I went for a 8'9 5 wt Lefty Pro, and love it, its well rounded and again for what I could afford it was a great purchase. I may have gone with a 4 wt as I like small streams as well as the 5wt can be a little much for the frying pan, but shines on the roaring fork. Reel.....that was kinda simple, between countless reviews and numerous friends endorsements I matched a Lamson Konic to my TFO and it has been an amazing summer. Have fun picking your outfit, I know I did.

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    Default Re: I'm back!!

    I can't help, but wonder, how much the Big Thompson has changed since 1967 when I first fished it. The last time was in 1979.

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    Default Re: I'm back!!

    Thanks for all the help!! What a great forum!! I'm trying to get my hands on as many rods and reels as I can!! Having a ton of fun and driving the wife crazy! I stopped at Elkhorn on my way up the Thompson on Tuesday and talked to Brain. Guess I have to throw them in the mix now!! Thanks again!


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