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    Default Cabelas Reel Made By Lamson...WLX???

    Does anyone have any info on this reel? It seem super nice but i wonder if it has their rock hard anodizing? I know its machined and has their sealed drag but what are your guys thoughts? Looks like a super deal in some of their combos.
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    Their conical drag is not a sucked disc as described on the cabbalas website. They probably shaved some cost there and maintained some brand exclusivity for their conical drag. That is not to say the stacked rulon won't do the trick.

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    Default Re: Cabelas Reel Made By Lamson...WLX???

    I own two of them (2/3 and 5/6) and have been pretty happy with them so far. I do have a word of warning: Play with the EXACT reel you plan to purchase in the store. When purchasing my 2/3, the first one they handed me the drag was sticky and inconsistent. I did not open it up to see if the guts were put in right (from the feel of it I am going to guess they were not) so I had them hand me another and it felt fine. Fished both sizes with no problems. Have them on a St. Croix Legend Ultra 3 wt. and 6 wt., respectively and they balance the rods quite nicely.

    Have had no issues with drag consistency, finish wear and tear, or parts coming loose. The good thing about it having both the Cabelas AND the Lamson name on it is that you know no matter what happens or when, one or the other of them is going to make it right if you have problems with the reel.

    I would give the reels a solid 8.5 out of 10. They are a good bang for the buck.

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