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    Default How Many Fly Boxes

    How many fly boxes does everybody own and what make and model is your favorite?

    Being a noob her I only have 2 boxes and both are the cheap $3.00 plastic variety. Been cruising Ebay for something nicer but haven't found the right one.

    Gary, I will be surprised if anyone even comes close to your hoard!

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    Hi Dave,

    I have 2 main fly box, (one medium size for dries and one large size for nymphs and streamers)

    I'll buy 2 smalls ones for my chest pack. Now, I have only waterproof fly box, very good and usefull.

    You can buy it at Allen, Fishwest ot Theflyshop (Redding), for less than $15.


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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes



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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    I like the lightest I can find. So I have mostly foam boxes, except for a bunch of little "one week pill boxes" that I use for some nymphs and small dries.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    Oh boy, simple answer is a whole bunch. I have boxes of flies to fish from trout to salmon, steelhead, tarpon, snook, bonefish, smallmouth, etc.... My favorite are some of the C&F boxes and the old school Myran clear plastic boxes. I own a couple Wheatly boxes, theyre nice but not the only good choice out there. Basically, I look for simple features, quality closure and reasonable price. Many of my big fly boxes are standard bass fishing boxes that you might use for jerk baits. These really work great for the big 8,9,10wt flies when I'm in a boat. My biggest recommendation for trout flys is to keep it simple and non distructive on your flys. As examples-'those Wheatly boxes with all those little hinged lids are cool but a pain and many boxes can smash down hackles on drys.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    Way too many (not)...Myran, Wheatley, CF, DeWitt, Meiho, Orvis...these are some of my nymph and dry fly boxes...I have always favored Richard Wheatley boxes:

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    One nymph/wet box, 1 dry fly box, 1 terrestrials box, 1 wooly bugger box, 1 small streamer box, 1 big streamer box, 1 really big streamer box, 1 crayfish box, 1 panfish box, 1 carp box, 1 gar box, 1 bass bug box. I think that's about it...

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    Good one David, way to bring out the hoarders!

    I carry 3 boxes currently:
    1. small, light foam box - caddis. If you want light and functional, I recommend these boxes, I carried the same for about 8 years, that brought the price down to...I don't know, basically free for the number of days used. They have magnets on the corners, float and are weightless.

    2. small, two-sided, slit foam box with clear plastic lids from SA. I like these boxes a lot, too. This little box actually has three "pages" for flies, the middle sleeve plus the lid of one side that I fill with wet flies. This is my mayfly box.

    3. a large CF nymph box, one side with compartments one side with slit foam rows. This is also a very versatile box. The compartments carry large dries i.e. hoppers, stimis, ect. plus small streamers and big nymphs. The slit side carries nymphs. These are expensive though at ~$50.

    Forgot 4. a soft streamer wallet that disappears anywhere in the pack.

    I think the best boxes for the money are the Scientific Angler water proof line. I haven't gone so far as the "X System" of interchangeable pages (seems like gimmick). Slit foam took a long time to get here, and I'm glad it did. They are plastic, light, the float and seal shut. They are a very functional, inexpensive version of the C&F boxes. And they come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are color coded. Check em out.

    I highly recommend them after searching for the ideal box for a long time.

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    Default Re: How Many Fly Boxes

    I have two main boxes in my vest, dry flys and wet/nymphs, oh then there are the other two little ones for the tiny midges and smaller drys, oh then there is one at the tying desk and then there are the ones in the shed of years gone by, back ups ya know you can never have enough back ups, then there are the others in the.....well you get the idea.

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    I have quite a few, but all I really use now are the SA boxes. One for nymphs & wet flies, and one for streamers. I don't fish dries very often, but usually they are really small flies that fit in the nymph box.

    I do think I will look at one of the really thin boxes for nymphs though.

    Apparently you can never have too many fly boxes......

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