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Thread: LL Bean gear

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    LL Bean's fly fishing rods and reels look pretty good (on paper). Does anyone have experience with their stuff? The features and prices look great, and their customer service is hard to beat.

    If their rods and reels are as good as their waders (which I use), then they are definitely worth considering.



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    I don't know about their fly rods but I have been considering some of their waders.

    Flyweight II Stocking-Foot Waders: Flyweight at L.L.Bean

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    Come on, nobody has an LL Bean rod or reel? Really? That is not much of an endorsement.

    Smallie, I have a pair of LL Bean Flyweight waders on their way. I'll let you know how I like them.

    I am currently using the LL Bean West Branch waders and I am very impressed with them, especially considering the price.


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    I have 2, A travel rod 9wt which got some good use on some peacock Bass and a 5wt travel rod both are the Double L model. When I first got them they were a fast action rod. The 5 wt I broke and the new one is a Med- fast which I like a lot better in the 5wt. They were supposed to be a Loomis blank acording to their early advertising. The funny part was at the time Loomis didn't have the one rod in a travel package just a 2 peice. The warranty is good. This is the third 5wt, I broke the other two, my fault and they replaced them. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

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    Many of my clients fish Cabelas rods as well as the Basspro rods. I think I like the Basspro better. Cabelas is a decent rod, but the basspro seems a little faster, wraps are a little tighter and a better looking rod in my opinion. I own a basspro 270 series and really like it. Can't go wrong with either as both companies stand by there equipment.

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    Try a Thomas & Thomas rod. They could use the business and you will not be disappointed. Hand made in the USA and a lifetime warranty.

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    LL Beans custormer service is not as good as it use to be. Sometimes you have to fight to get a return.
    Now Cabela's is another story service is good and fast.
    I had a bean rod a few years ago and ended takeing it back cause the reel seat would not stay tight.
    I have fished bean rods but I would rather use a Orvis or Cortland.

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    Thomas and Thomas is nice, but starting at $300 bucks for rod only. Whew thats stronger than green onions

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