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Thread: Need help with choosing setup

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    Default Need help with choosing setup

    I am looking to get into the sport of fly fishing after fishing with spinning/baitcast gear all of my life. I know the basics of rods, reels, and lines but am looking for some recommendations on choosing a decent rod/reel/line setup that will cover many fishing conditions. I will be fishing in fast flowing rivers, stocked ponds/lakes/reservoirs where it is very easy to catch a limit of 13-21+ inch trout in a short amount of time. Through a little research I think that a 5 or 6 wt setup would accommodate me best.I have found Cabela's: TFO Lefty Kreh BVK Signature/Cabela's WLx Fly Combo which looks like quality gear at a great price. I am looking to spend about 400$ and would greatly appreciate any help you people can give.

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    I recently went through my own search for a beginner setup. I looked into the packages at my local Bass Pro and Cabela's as well as doing lots of online research. In the end I settled on the Redington Crosswater 4 piece rod combo. I got a 9 ft 5 wt rod, comes with a Crosswater reel (plastic but seems to work ok so far); preloaded with backing line, floating fly line and leader. Also comes in a nice hard carrying case. Total is $129.99 plus tax at Cabela's. Obviously your budget is a bit more than mine was, perhaps some of the more expensive combos would offer better performance, but according to my research this combo is a very solid and nice fishing setup. Perhaps you could use the savings to pay for waders, boots, flys, vest, etc.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Default Re: Need help with choosing setup

    Hey Chased, Welcome and glad you have found us.

    You will find most here are full of insight and willing to help.

    As for your search-- I know it sounds like generic advise, but what may be the perfect rod for me will likely not be the perfect rod for you. As such, I'd say find a few in the price point that you want, and cast them. you will know what feels best to you.

    As for weights, I'd look in the 5 or 6 wt. range. anything lighter and you might have a hard time throwing some bigger flies (weighted streamers, deer hair bug/ poppers if you have any Bass fishing near by..., etc. will give you trouble with a lighter line. Anything bigger than the 5 or 6 wt, and you might lose some sensitivity.) the size of fish that you mentioned could be landed without much 'drama' on a 5 wt. A 6 wt. might get them in a little quicker (although not a measurable difference in fighting the fish)....

    As a beginner, I'd look into med action sticks. All of the hype these days is a super fast action rod, but IMO, it is just hype. You may even find that a rod to the slow action side fits you best-- if this is the case, that is what you need. Don't worry about what the manufacturer's literature tells you-- they are trying to sell rods--- Find what feels best to you. Sure, in the best casters hands, a fast rod will likely shoot line better than a slow rod, but for you and I, the rod that fells best will perform best.

    I have a fast action 5 wt. that doesn't get used much. I thought I needed a fast action for punching big bass bugs into tight cover-- I CAN cast it, I just don't particularly LIKE to. I'd rather focus on fishing than focus on my casting stroke.

    As for brands-- you are on your own. I happen to really like the Cabelas branded rods. Fit and finish always seems to be nice enough, and they just do what they are supposed to do. But, I also wear a timex and not a rolex....

    Hope this helps.

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