I had the good fortune to spend a week in Cocodrie Louisiana in August flyfishing for Redfish with Capt. Blaine Townsend. The weather was Hot and Humid, we had heat indexes over 113 degrees, but the fishing was so good I can't say I minded it too much. The casting was the most demanding I have ever had, often having to throw 90 feet of line with a big 1/0 spoon fly on the end, and needing to land it within a fot of the fish. I'd love to say I put on a clinic, but the truth is I'm just not that good. Recent bicep reattachment surgery has put a real damper on my casting stroke.....but that's just a convenient excuse. Capt. Blaine was awesome, never getting upset with my often limp spaghetti casts, poling that boat in the heat, man he earned his money! Here are a few pics.

A typical Sunrise over Cocodrie:

Most of the Reds were in the 7-8 pound range....like cookie cutters:

The wind was dead calm, making the reds a bit spooky, and the sun relentless:

The largest fish of the trip was smack on 10 pounds, and was great fun on the 8wt TiCrX I was using, it was matched with an 8wt Tioga reel, and WF9F SA Saltwater flyline:

A huge thanks to my father-in-law. Without him I'd never be able to afford to go on trips like this. Yes guys, I married well!