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    Hey forum, I'm writing to get some insight. I am heading to Montana for two weeks, sure I'm going to be doing some sight seeing, but I am most looking forward to doing as much fly fishing as I can handle. I live in Minneapolis, MN and haven't been to MT for almost ten years (the last time I there it was a family vacation). I am wondering if there is anyone on here who would be willing to perhaps give some good spots to try, or if you're going to be in the state, perhaps meet up and do some fishing. I have never river fly fished before, and am very unfamiliar with "mending" line, so I feel it would be a great opportunity to fish in a very majestic place and perhaps pick up some pointers from the folks who live/fish in the area. I'll be leaving MN on the 10th of July and will be in MT until the 24th. Thanks in advance for the tips!

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    Hey Guy,
    Montana is a huge state and there are lots of opportunities for fishing throughout the state. I live in Southwestern Montana and spend my life on the water as a fishing outfitter. I am not trying to solicit any business, but if you are interested in seeing what Southwestern Montana has to offer and how the fishing has been you can visit my blog page at It will give you an idea of what is in the area for fishing and where I have been. One river that I would suggest you give a try is the Gallatin that runs from Yellowstone Park and meets up with the Madison and Jefferson to form the Missouri. The Gallatin has a lot of public access and it is full of eager fish that typically are on the feed. It is a great river for people just getting started and you won't have to worry much about access.

    Before you come go to the Bookstore and purchase the Book called "The Curtis Creek Manifesto". It is a great book to introduce you to the sport and will help explain some of the the techniques such as mending. It is a very simple book that covers the basics and it will be very helpful. The cost of the book is about 8 bucks and most of the major book stores like Barnes and Noble should have it.

    Good luck with your trip and enjoy all that the Big Sky State has to offer.

    Tight Lines,


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    Hey Biggie thanks for the insight. I checked out your blog and am glad I did, so much great info! Cheers to you fair and nobel sir!

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    I did some diggin and found a great site that provides in-depth information on 40 some rivers. check it out, The Rivers of Montana : Detailed Fly Fishing Information, Photographs, Maps & River Flows

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    You may also want to pick up a copy of the Montana Fly Fishing Guide by John Holt. Two volumes, east and west of the Continental Divide, and it's very thorough.

    Have fun.

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    I might need this for later. Thanks!

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    I find it rather difficult to believe that this is the only insight to fishing Montana. Just one guy on this forum has fished Montana?

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