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Thread: Boat or Wade ?

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    This is a question that has been and will be debated for decades.

    Even my kids at school are talking about Rowe vs. Wade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeway View Post
    Even my kids at school are talking about Rowe vs. Wade.
    Now that is funny!!!!!!!!!! Very nice.
    Lets go huntin, fishin, drinkin or sumthin!!

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    That is what is great about my Pontoon. I just put a short rope from tip ring to tip ring and when I feel like I wanna wade, I climb out of the seat. The rope at the tip of the toons rests against my legs. Then if I fish that out, I just sit down and float a little farther down.
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    Well I think it depends on the creek or river that you are fishing. There are some creeks up hear in Alaska that alot of people like to float but when they are doing that they are only fishing the obveious water like the big hole and runs. They miss lots of the smaller pocket water they just float right over it and keep going down to the next big hole. Those are the creeks I like to just bushwack my way down the creek not as easy but you catch more fish. On some of the bigger rivers its nice to float because the river is to big to wade and you cant fish all the water you could if you were floating. So I guess I think is if its a smaller creek I would rather wade and if a big river I like to float. Just my two cents
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