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    How are you using your pontoon that you need a wheel? Mine is light enough that I can handle it with out a wheel. The places I fish you can drive up to the water to launch.
    Hey Frank,
    I have a Nissan pickup with a high top shell on it. I have to take the pontoons off the frame and deflate them some to get it all in the back of the truck. Most of the places I plan to go have a parking area and then anywhere from 30' to 100 yards to the water. What I want to do is put it together at the truck, load it up with my gear, the battery, and motor then roll it to the water. That picture you posted has given me a good idear of how I'm going to do it and make it to where I can turn the wheel up to where it won't be in the water & I'll be able to remove the wheel also. I'll post pictures when I get it done. It will probably be a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

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    Glad to help. Looking forward to your pictures.

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