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    Several years ago I thought I was going to make a trip to Alaska. So I purchases a Sage 9' DS 9 wt. rod along with a Tioga reel and several extra spools. The spools have a floating line, a sinktip line and a full sinking line on them. I have only used the rod 3 times. I have been thinking of selling the combination. What would be a fair price to ask for the combo.

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    Kinda depends on demand, which would depend on whether it is truly a DS, or Sage's newer DS2, and whether it is a 2pc or 4pc rod. Also, whether any case/tube is included would affect resale as well. One last thing, see if you can find the sink rate for that full sink line.

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    The rod is the original DS not the DS2. The sink rate for the full sinking line I believe is #4 not sure. There is the original rod tube.

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    Additional information. The rod is a 990DS 2 piece.

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