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Thread: Leader Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ol' Jack View Post
    I agree with all the posts above, but offer an additional tip. I attach about 12-18" of red monofilament (Amnesia?) to the fly line with a needle nail knot, and then tie the leader material to the Amnesia. Use a weight of Amnesia that has about the same stiffness as the end of the fly line. I usually use a blood knot for the Amnesia to leader connection (they're not really that hard to tie). I personally don't like loop-to-loop connections because they more prone to hanging up in the guides.

    This technique serves 2 purposes: first, you don't shorten the tip of your fly line each time you tie on a new leader; and second, the red mono is very visibile in the water and works nicely as an indicator.
    Sage advice. I've been using that technique for quite some time now with green amnesia and the indicator aspect is nice when nymphing. I've heard of issues with the amnesia sinking; however, I've not experienced that problem.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    I've not experienced any problems with Amnesia? sinking the tip of my floating line either. Of course, it's important to take good care of the line and keep it clean, or it'll sink for sure!

    Ol' Jack

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    Well, I guess I am the exception to the rule. I tried the amnesia and my tip sank. I do clean my lines and dress them after use so I know that was not my problem.
    I gave up and orderd the HI-FLOTE leaders from Orvis. Did a needle knot on the line that would let me and the line loop on the ones that wouldn't.
    When the leader got down from use, I cut it to about 4" to 6" and put a perfection loop in it. Wrap a little bright colored thread around the connection, Zap-A-Gap it then Knot Scense to smooth and that is now my indicator on a tip that WILL NOT SINK. That Hi-Flote material is great.

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