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  1. Lake whitefish/ summer

    Does anyone fish for lake whitefish in the spring /summer after ice out. I live in Alberta and our lake has a healthy population of lake whites. Easy to catch in the winter through the ice but I want to try for them in the spring and summer with a fly rod. Any ideas on techniques or patterns?

    Thank you

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    In the river here the whitefish eat the predominate hatch at the time...
    So i would try what ever you would use for trout in the same situation, but fished very slow, on the bottom, small patterns..... Might be different where your at , or in lakes... dave

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    Thank you for the tip. I willgive that a try this summer.

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    Thank you for the tip, I will give it a try this summer.

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    I want to target some late spring whitefish that are usually close to the bottom of a 50-60 ft. basin just a 100ft from the shore and an island. Last year was my first year fishing for them and had very little success. I'll be on the lake in early June when the surface water temp is about 60º F.


    We caught one fat 24" 5+ lbs, but only one.

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