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    Quote Originally Posted by JayO View Post

    Thank you for the link and i will pick up a CD on casting.

    Bear in mind i am brand new when i ask this... Is the leader the same thing as a tippet? and i was tying on just a leader to my fly line and nothing more, just fly line and 9' 8 pound leader and feel i am missing something?

    What the heck is a tippet anyway?
    Hi Jay,

    Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner. I am traveling and won't have assess to a computer all of the time.

    If you look at the leader terminology you can see that the butt of the leader ties to your fly line. The other end of the leader that is very thin, is the tippet. So your 9' leader has a tippet of some X rating and a butt of a much larger diamater.


    Butt Section
    , heaviest portion of the leader, attached to the fly line end

    Mid Section, part of the leader forward of the butt section

    Tippet, thinnest or lightest line strength segment of a tapered leader

    Now study this chart and it will show how the X rating gives you the diamater of the tippet and the strength in pounds.

    The small spools of leader material come in the same X ratings as leaders so you can repace the tippet on your leader as it gets shorter. If the tippet end of your leader is 5X then you would use a small spool of 5X leader materal to replace the tippet on your 9' leader.

    So here we are. We have a 9' leader with a heavy butt and a fine tippet. You tie the butt end of the leader to the fly line. You tie the fly to the tippet end of the leader. Now after you have cut off or lost a few flies and the tippet gets shorter and shorter you need to tie on another tippet to your leader. You get out your small spool of leader material that has the same X rating as the tippet end of your leader. You cut off a 2' peice of leader material from the small spool and tie it to the end of your leader. You can use a double surgen knot or a barrel/blood knot. Your 9' leader that got down to 7' is now bact to 9' again. Hey this stuff is easy.

    When you practice you need to have a leader tied to the fly line and a fly tied to the tippet of the leader. You need to cut off the hook of the fly at the bend of the hook. Look at the table above and it will tell you what size of fly you shoud be using on your tippet.

    Jay, think this over a bit and lets start again with any other questions. Get that DVD asap and a lot of your casting questions will be answered.

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    Hey' thank you for the great info Frank. I now have a better understanding and i was right the first few times when i attached my leader to my WF-8-F and i was doing fine with a small snip of cloth about the size of a nickle ( will try a fly like you said in the morning ) here is where i screwed up by thinking i needed 9 feet of tippet when i only had maybe 2" cut from my leader. That was silly of me, and was the reason i signed up on the wonderful forum.

    My other question is can i go 8, 10 or even 12lb leader with an 8w flyline or are the leaders specific in design for a certain line. My leader was 9ft 12' and am i in the right area?

    Thank you for the info!

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    Depending on the size of the flies and the species you are targeting, should determine the size of the tippet. I fish primarily for inshore saltwater species with larger flies, I use a 9' 20 lb tapered saltwater leader designed for Bonefish and Redfish. when it gets around 7' I tie on a 12 lb. tippet to get me back to 9'/10' length. There are alot of manufacturers out there that make tapered leaders for certain species. You might want to pick up a few different sizes, and tippet material for different types of fishing you will be doing. Hope this answers some of your questions about tippets and leaders
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    Default Re: Newbie Questions

    My other question is can i go 8, 10 or even 12lb leader with an 8w flyline or are the leaders specific in design for a certain line. My leader was 9ft 12' and am i in the right area?

    Hi Jay,

    The fly line and the leader should be matched/balanced to achieve the best performance and smooth casting. Heavier fly lines are intended to cast heavier flies. That is, a 8 weight fly line will cast a much heavier fly than a 4 weight fly line. Each fly line group has a different diameter tip and the butt of the leader is sized to match the line tip diameter. A 7X leader butt will be about .020/.022. A 1X leader butt will be about .024 to .026. If you are fishing a 3 weight rod you would not use a 1X leader. If you are fishing a 8 weight rod then you would not fish a 7X leader. To answer your question, yes, your 8 wt rod will handle a 1X leader.


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    Not sure what you are fishing for or what flies you are using but as a newb myself, I understand I was using 13-14' of leader and tippet. It was not pretty. Now I am using 8lb mono for a tippet with a 7.5' 6x leader after reading some suggestions on a leader thread I posted. I cut the leader back to where it was approx the same diameter as the 8lb mono making it about 3.5' long. Then I attached 4 - 5' of 8lb mono for a total of approx 8'. I fished it for about 3 hours yesterday for crappie and largemouth with complete success with buggers and clousers

    Probably not the ideal solution but it's getting the fly where it needs to be while my casting improves. It's easier to tie (and untangle) larger diameter line in my opinion and useful when dealing with snags and catching tree limbs. Hope that helps!

    I do have a question though. Are the butts the same diameter for all leaders? I have WF-6-F line. I am primarily using size 6-12 buggers and clousers. Should I be using a 2-3x leader or am I Ok with what I described above?

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    Butt diameters are not the same diameter on all leaders. Ideally, the butt section should be the same stiffness as the fly line it is being attached to. With this in mind, 3-7x leaders should have a butt section that will match the stiffness of a typical trout fly line, and 10-20lb leaders should have a butt section that matches bass/saltwater/salmon weight fly lines. (7-10 weight)

    I don't mean that there are only two options for butt stiffness, but just wanted to explain the logic behind the general options out there.

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