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    Default Salt Water Rods?

    Hi All,

    Haven't posted in awhile and figured I need some suggestions on a new rod. I happened across a Lamson Velocity 4 (10/11 wt, guide finish) reel at Cabelas and couldn't pass on it.....$49.88. Not a typo - 50 bucks. I know the "Bargain Cave" has some good deals, but wow! Right after I bought it, they sold out.

    Anyway, most of my fishing will be down on the coast in SE Texas when I visit family. Mainly bay fishing, but also trips to the rigs off Galveston/Freeport when I can bum a ride with friends. I could also use it to chase stripers down at Elephant Butte. I currently have 3 Sage rods (590 Launch, 586 SLT, and a 3710 TXL) and the Xi2 looks like it may be a nice rod. The Loomis Crosscurrent does as well. Money isn't really an object, but if there's something less expensive, so much the better. This won't be my "go-to" rod, so it almost seems it would be a shame to spend a ton of money on a rod that I may not use the heck out of.

    Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated!



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    You might want to look at Temple Fork Outfitters, Orvis's Zero Gravity or T3 saltwater series( a little on the higher end) also the TLS Power Matrix saltwater ( mid range). Reddington is coming out with a couple of nice rods that are Mid-High range. Cant go wrong with a Loomis or Sage. Sometimes over looked is St. Croix, also mid-range. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Salt Water Rods?

    An ECHO Classic 9wt would be a good option. There's a review of it somewhere on the forum by a member who used it on a trip to Baja. I think he landed some Rooster's with it and liked it very well.

    BTW, its a 4 piece rod with a cordura tube and a unconditional lifetime warranty for under $200.

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    Default Re: Salt Water Rods?

    Thanks guys for the responses! I checked the Full Creel website and they didn't have anything larger than a 5 wt, but will check back later. The Loomis rep will be at Charlie's (local shop here in ABQ) on May 18-19 and should have some 9 and 10 wt crosscurrents for me to try. They do have both weights in the Xi2 on hand....really sweet looking rods. According to UPS, my reel will be delivered tommorow and I'm stoked!

    I found an article the other day about using a "chum churn" off the coast of LA and they were catching "stop signs" (red snapper) up to about 15 lbs or so on flies. That really sounds like a hoot!

    If there's any more suggestions, keep 'em coming!



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    You might want to cast a TFO Ticrx. Very nice rods and inexpensive, too.

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    I fish sage loomis and winston in salt...look for deals such as three piece rods or even two piece if you don't carry on air travel.... and if you don't travel at all the loomis one piece 10 wt...the Xi2 is fine i don't fish it but do fish the TCR 9 and 10 and the winston three piece xbr 11 and 12 but cast before you buy and whatever fits your cast buy that...

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    Default Re: Salt Water Rods?


    Steve carries his Higher wt Echo Rods on his EBay site see following link:

    Echo Rods

    You could also look into the TFO Bluewater, TiCr, or TiCr X rods should fit your bill:

    TFO Rods

    He also carries the G. Loomis rods but you may want to PM him to see what he carries.

    Let us know what you decide. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Salt Water Rods?

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the input! I made it to the shop this afternoon and cast the Scott S3S and the Xi2. Settled for the Xi2.....what an awesome rod! I got the 10wt and I can't wait to use it in a couple of weeks. The salesman wants to meet me at a local park for some instruction week after next. I quickly found out it's a little diferent that my 3 wt or my 5 wts, but with the larger head on the line it really shoots it out there. He also set me up with a Rio Clouser WF11F line, which should load the rod a little better while I'm getting used to casting. All in all, I'm pretty stoked.


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    Default Re: Salt Water Rods?

    Hi Phil,

    Well you got yourself a nice rod and will be good for the Gulf coast of Texas. I am not sure I would have went with the 11wt line. This is a fast action rod and I don't see any benefit in slowing down the rod with a heavier line. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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    Great choice in brand and weight... up until last two years always fished sage rplx in salt...still fish TCRs but switched to the older Winston XTR in 11 and 12 wt because in the heavier wts they fit my aging casting performance the best. I believe your merchant's choice of an 11 wt rio clouser suggests to me he/she is knowlegeable about salt sticks when paired with your present cast. As your haul timing improves you can get the 10 rio clouser/permit. In the key west, I use that 11wt on my XTR for everthing...there are lots of tapes on the market but IMHO lefty kreh's where he demonstrates the effectiveness of the double haul is the best...he does not alter the power of the cast but alters the haul power only and the results are remarkable

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