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    Default the greatest rod ever....

    so think about your favorite rod,
    i have a rod, a sage FLI 590-4, that i absolutely love
    i have fished z-axis and flight and txl rods and really prefer the fli series.
    so i guess the greatest fly rod is.........




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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    Mine is my 15' 8/9 wt. Meiser. No doubt about it. When I finally shuffle off this mortal coil, join the choir invisible, become an ex Diver Dan, I am no more..... I want to be buried with it. If I can't take it with me, I'm not going.

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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    Mine is a 12'9" 6 weight Anderson Custom Rods STH (Steelhead) model. It is the first rod that I cast that I did not have to find its sweet spot. It was there on the first cast.


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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    I don't have expensive rods (well ok I just acquired a Sage VXP but I haven't fished it yet) and so far my favorite is an Orvis Clearwater II 9' 9wt tip flex for salmon fishing; other than the poor quality cork handle, this is a gorgeous rod that works wonders for me.Best part is I got it for $78.00 on the auction site.

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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    I have a WW Griggs Heritage rod 5wt that I really like. No an expensive rod (on sale for ~$50 with an Argus flight III reel), but it is a fiberglass/Graphite composite that is not too heavy. I own a reddington FSF 3wt that is also killer that I got on super discount at Sierra Trading post (~$70).


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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    my favourite is my platinum xd #7 9ft6 awsome rod.


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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    Mine it's a toss up between my 9'9" 7wt St Croix legend ultra and my 9' 9wt Scott S3s for now..... But I'm making the leap into two handed rods so we'll see if that changes.

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    Hard to answer this question. Of all the rods I've owned, I'd say Loomis, GLX Classic. Great overall rod. Had good power and finesse.


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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    My favorite is the one in my hand as a fish fights on the other end.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: the greatest rod ever....

    That's a tough one but I choose my Sage RPL 10ft 5wt, a custom wrapped rod that can do nearly everything, except tight quarters...... I had this rod made 20 years ago and love it more every time I use it. In fact so much so that this year to honor it's twenty years of service I paired it with a new Abel Super 5N in Hi Def Brown Trout.

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