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thecatpoop 10-23-2011 11:27 AM

Whats going on out there
I have fished a favorite local tailwater all summer, great fish mostly about 10inches, some a bit bigger. I have a few spots in particular that I love, however recently(about 2 weeks) they cut the flows down and now the whole river has changed. I was excited to fish gin clear runs and shallow pools and even thought the wading is better all I can pull out are small, really small trout. Where did all the big guys go? I know the change in water forced them to move deeper, but it seems like everywhere I cast is tiny fish. The big guys must be gone because the little ones are chasing flys around like they dont have a care in the world. I thought the forum could help me solve this mystery.

Ard 10-23-2011 01:21 PM

Re: Whats going on out there
This is a tough one to try to guess at from Alaska but I'll try. Were you catching brown trout before? If so fall is time for reproduction and the mature fish along with a host of juveniles will migrate to the tail out water of the runs and pools. actually they will go where ever the hens are at so it's time to do some walking. If you have good looking water but all small fish then it's time for a nice big feather wing streamer fly and a sink tip or lead head to get that fly down. If you have nice deep riffles between the pools don't overlook these when swinging a streamer. In the swift stuff I'd choose a Whitlock Sculpin but in the pools and tails it may not produce as well. Trial and results will be your guide as to which fly to use. I have always preferred streamers over all other flies in fall / winter / spring conditions. Only when the fish are popping the surface hard do I go to dries.

Fall changes everything no matter where you fish, the fish move with the seasons in most areas unless you have spring creeks close at hand you have to go find them in winter quarters.


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