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Thread: Swinging flies

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    Default Swinging flies

    What is it? What species of fish does it apply to? Under what conditions is it most applicable?

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    Default Re: Swinging flies

    It is a technique where you cast your fly out at a downstream angle from you. Your line and leader are taught and the fly begins to swing back towards the bank until it is directly below you.

    Where i am in the Pacific NW, we use this technique to catch Steelhead. I have also caught cutthroat trout in this manner. Not intentionally though.

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    Default Re: Swinging flies

    This article on Kenny Abrams site, Striper Moon, is called Fundamental presentation techniques
    There's a very good reason for that.....

    Ken Abrames' Stripermoon
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    Default Re: Swinging flies

    Vans & Rip have given you the what, and it applies to any moving water, and any species that lives in moving water & will eat your fly! It's primarily a technique used with sinking flies, but could be used with some types of surface flies, such as skating or waking type flies used for Steelhead.

    I've used waking type flies designed for Steelhead & Salmon in this manner for Smallmouth bass, so it can have many applications.
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    The ol' soft hackle wet fly is often fished with a slight swing. Here is a very good albeit short video clip.[ame=]Oliver Edwards Wet Fly Fishing - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: Swinging flies

    It's not the best video I'm sure, but I found it in a hurry. Here is a guy swinging flies. He said the cast is similar to spey casts. It is spey casts. He does a snake roll to place his fly up and on his left then cackhand single spey casts about a quarter downstream. You don't need to do those casts but it does make swinging easy. This video should give you an idea.

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