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  1. Default just ordered a whole bunch of flies

    just was at fly, for my graduation present my parents ordered me about 45 bucks worth of fly assortments. i got some dries streamers, nymphs, and wolly buggers. hopefully that will cover it so i can expirment and find out what works and what dosn't. i cant wait for em to come in.

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    Right On! And Congratulations! Let us know what works!

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    what will you be fishing for?

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    well mostly around my area i fish for bass, blue gills, sunnies, etc. then on the occasion that i go over to the westernshore of maryland (try to about once a month) its for trout.

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    Congrats on the graduation and especially the flies - sounds like a totally awesome present, haven't been on fly yet but will give it a hit tonight.

    Hope the fishing goes well with your new flies!

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