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    Default Indoctrinating them young

    This morning I was outside in the back yard for a bit with both my boys. Tripp(3y/o) and Henry(18mo). I was doing a little bit of roll casting when Tripp came up to me and said he wanted to try. So I got down on my knee let him grip the rod and we started roll casting together. Henry was on the other side of the yard, when Tripp yelled out "Daddy, there's a fish!" I asked him if Henry was the fish he was talking about and he replied "YES! DADDY!". I asked him if we should cast to Henry and try to catch him, he yelled acoss the yard "Henry, stop moving, we're gonna catch you!"

    (No children were caught or harmed in this tale )

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    Default Re: Indoctrinating them young

    Excellent-- something tells me the bluegill in your neck of the woods are in for a whole lot of trouble....

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    Default Re: Indoctrinating them young

    We have saying here " you forge iron till is hot "
    Good job

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    Good times and a great story. My wife and I took our 2 granddaughters, both 5 yrs old, and got them Barbie fishing poles, then took them to a small lake. They didn't catch anything, but had a great time fishing. Kids are great but, Grandkids are better, you can spoil them and send them home to the parents.

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    I have a 9yo and 12yo. Randy is has shown an interest in Fly fishing and now in my fly tying bench. He is on the Autism Spectrum, so he doesn’t take instruction in the conventional sense.
    I bought Fly-Fishing With Children: A Guide for Parents by Philip Brunquell.
    My kids have tought me that when I have opportunities like that, I need to "play" along with them. This is something that I have trouble with... Making it fun I find this book helps.
    It sounds to me like you are having great fun with your boys!
    There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.
    -Jim Croce-

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    Default Re: Indoctrinating them young

    very cool story.

    i don't have a son. i do have a daughter though... she's pretty young still but i've already got an 8ft 4wt rod and reel setup for when she's ready... my wife's gonna hate it when she chooses fly fishing with dad over shopping with her mom.

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    Default Re: Indoctrinating them young

    that story is perfect!
    i hope to school my now 4 year old daughter some day.



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    I have twin 7 yr olds a little boy and little girl. Both love to fish, Starting them flyfishing this year.

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