I love wading, so I do it probably more than is beneficial. My girlfriend said that I seem to enjoy 'extreme flyfishing'; during high flows I like to see how much I can get around, sometimes eating it in the process.
Once you gain a good spot, definitely keep it and don't move at all. It seems that about 15 minutes after barging into a hole and spooking everything in sight, the fish start to see the angler as just 'part of the background'. Usually I prefer to move as I fish, but it is really cool to hang at a spot for a while quietly until the fish start to move around freely again. I love it when a big fish uses my legs as a hiding spot from the current; likely also eating midge larvae I am stirring up.

Pocket fishing step pools: it is very effective to hide behind the boulder above the hole you just fished, casting into the next, and so on. This seems to work well where the fish can not easily travel upstream alerting other fish. Some of my best days have been wading like this moving from pocket to pocket.

I've definitely ruined some good holes by moving around too much or accessing at the wrong spot (like almost stepping on the biggest fish in the pool...)