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Thread: Buy or tie?

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    Fly tying is not a way to save money on flies. There is no end to buying materials and tools. The biggest advantage was stated by Joni, you can tie or modify to meet local conditions. If you travel to fish there is an advantage of stopping at a local shop to buy the best flies for the area. On a trip to a new area and you want information from the local fly shop, buy some flies. Spending money with the locals will usually get you some good information. Tying is fun and educational. It is a good way to learn what the different flies represent in nature. It is a great hobby and just about any one can do it.

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    Wow, thanks for all the replies. Yea i just recently picked up fly fishing. Bought a 30$ combo @ my BX/PX store on base and started fishing the lakes around the area. I can't use my old rods anymore...just too....boring. So now that I can't put down my fly rod I wanted to look into tying. Made some Moe Eggs yesterday since it requires a hook and glue It was fun and I want to get into it more but don't want to buy extra things i don't really need for entry level tying. I mean I mainly use an E.S.L pattern anyways, but I can see what you mean about catching them on your own design. Thanks again.

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    there are several good starter kits available ( had several to choose from) on the internet. I got turned on to a supplier Frank told me about, Feathercraft they have tons of fly fishing stuff.
    Let us all share our wisdom with a younger generation. Tight Loops, Tight Lines and Good Fishing to All

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    bought a starter kit today with 11 tools and then bought a LOT of misc. materials... hope this is as fun as i think

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    I've been tying flies for about 60 years, having tied my first at a pre-school age. And I actually caught a few trout on it. I think they probably mistook it for a grasshopper, (big deerhair thing). Point is, with all the available instruction today, anyone can learn to tie good flies. Start with minimal material and basic patterns to see if it's something you really want. Tools and material are expensive, but you don't need to buy everything right away, and you'll find after you get started other tyers will share with you. It is a very rewarding and relaxing hobby. When my sons were young and learning to fly fish I couldn't have afforded to buy all the flies we went through. I seldom visit a stream without giving a few flies away to fellow fishermen who didn't have what was on the water that particular day. You owe it to yourself to try it.......Bruce

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    I dress my own flies because it gives me an excuse to delay the lawn care and vehicle maintenance and just sit around with a glass of apricot brandy behind the bench while still looking busy. Catching fish on your own creations adds much to the sport; however, whenever I visit a fly shop anywhere I will always at least buy a few flies to support the business. Usually these small purchases are in addittion to larger purchases for other equipment that I really don't need. Flyshops are dangerous places to visit....
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    I tie 95% of what I fish, but I'm very open to buying flies that i don't want to bother tying. They generally are those sized 18-22, though there are some simple 22's I'll tie myself. Beadhead princes and PT's work wonderfully in those itty bitty sizes, but tying them is sure a pain. Size 18 stimulators are super effective but tedious to tie as well.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I'm with Cliff on this, I have no problems tying all my nymphs and such, but some dries are a pain so I would just rather buy them, or trade with someone that does not mind tying them. I like tying the little guys, size 20-26, mostly just thread anyways!

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    Tying your own flies is a hobby in itself. There is extra satisfaction in catching a fish on something you created. Varying your patterns to suit yourself or your local area is part of the fun. You can take it even further by collecting everything you thought was trash but now becomes an idea to make a fly out of.
    Many hunters would love to donate feathers from pheasants or ducks to their local fly tiers. Before I tied flies I used to stop by the bait shop and drop off selected feathers or even whole skins. It helps knowing that more of the animal that you harvested will be utilized. Try to locate the local Ducks Unlimited Committee in your area and ask them for help in finding donations.
    Now I even raise my own birds for their feathers. Local craft stores also have a wealth of supplies at low prices.
    So, don't let the whole idea that you have to spend a lot of money on supplies keep you from this great hobby.
    Start with a few patterns and then go from there. I started with the larger dry flies in size 12 and 14. I now only buy size 20 or smaller. I think it's been about 4 years since I purchased any flies. I don't fish the very small flies that often. Two reasons, 1. I cannot see them and 2. I have been successful on larger flies.
    Good Luck.
    Oh yeah one last thing. When you tie your own and a fly cost you about $.06 each and you lose one. You don't get so upset.

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    Well, I tied 2 sorts of wooly buggers that I just threw together after reading how to attach the thread and make the different parts of the fly...tail...body...head...

    Needless to say they were frankenstein'ish. But having read on here that it's not always the "pretty" looking flies that get the hits I kept them in my box. Sunday I went to a lake on the base I am stationed at and caught my first 7 bows on my newly tied flies. I then proceeded to lose my creations to a bush and a tree Total for the day was 14 rainbows with five over 12 inches and biggest being about 16 inches.

    Gonna tie a few more and hit up some creeks and rivers up here to see if I can land some bigger fish...few more weeks the bows will be feeding on the salmon eggs...

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