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Thread: Buy or tie?

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    What's is everyone's opinion on buying vs tying flies? I want to get into tying but i'm not sure what to get and if its cost effective to tie my own. Let me know if you have found it easy to pick up or too much of a hassle and just buy'em.

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    Welcome to the board flyfshrman!

    I just started tying about a month ago. Here's the way I see it. I don't expect tying to save me money.

    It's another element of the sport to accessorize and empty the bank account on. I got in to it because I like the idea of producing my own bugs and get satisfaction from fooling a fish on something I tied. I also like to make subtle changes to commercial patterns that fit my preferences (like different hook types, eyes, materials, variations).

    I figure it will take some time before I have the knowledge and skills to fill 100% of my bug needs (plus I've got a ton of commercial flies already) but I find it very relaxing. Whether you will find it enjoyable and worth the time, money, and effort vs. buying them is another question.

    You might want to consider taking a tying class at a local club or shop to see if it's something for you.

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    Tying your own flies makes the sport even more exciting knowing that you caught something on a pattern you produced. Buying flies is just another angle of the sport, like buying lures for spinning tackle. I tye my own as well as buying patterns, sometimes i will pick up a pattern just to see if I can tye it myself and put a little twist to it or tweak it to suit the species i am after. As far as cost effective, it might be. All I know is that I really enjoy sitting down at the vice and tying patterns and not really sure if they are going to get slammed before they even break the waters surface or get fished all day and cant buy a bite.
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    Zerolimit is right in that tying your own will not net you any savings, for the most part. I know there are some who tie a LOT of flies and/or the bigger stuff that costs a lot in the shops. The main reason to do it is because you like to.

    I am one that really does not enjoy tying many flies. I will whip up a bunch of the easy stuff but I get all off task and spacey when I try to do the difficult ones for more then a couple.

    Do it if you like to and enjoy catching fish on your flies. What is really fun is trying new things that you think of. When a fish hits a fly you came up with, it is great.
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    It won't save you money (unless you live long enough to tie for a very long time)... but it sure is fun. And its especially rewarding to catch a fish on something you've created,

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    I make the flies I use the most and are easiest for me to tie. (wooly buggers, yuk bugs, hares ears, elk hair caddis.)
    The more complex dry flies with the fine hackle I buy because mine seems to go in all directions instead of just up.

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    Sometimes it the ugliest thing you have ever seen that the fish cant get enough of.
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    I've just started tying again after many, many years. At the Sportsman's Warehouse here you can get flies for 89 cents apiece when you buy a dozen or more, on the internet you can find them cheaper that that at times. Is it cheaper to tie your own? Of course not. It really is special when you slay 'em on something you tied yourself, though. I guess it could be relaxing if you have the time....something I sorely miss lately. It's just another extension of this addiction we call fly fishing and is a great way to pass the time when you can't hit the water.


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    BPS/Cabelas has kits for all sorts of species from $20.00-$50.00, in a box or plastic storage bin.
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    I am going to add, that by tying your own you can be more creative. Even make your own variation of say a wooly bugger. I found, that in the Uinta's a wooly out of Red sparkle chenille, a burnt orange marabou tail and burnt orange grizzly hackle is deadly, however no one carries this, so I tie it.
    I probably tie 90% of my own flies but I do buy bulk flies of a particular pattern for the time of year for my clients. I just don't have enough time to supply my customers with flies along with myself.

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