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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    I catch hundreds over the year, this year I kept exactly two, one for my wife and one for my daughter. Oddly enough I don't eat fish, but I can certainly demolish a few plates of crabs in a sitting.

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    Hi All,a really contensious issue,a subject which continually comes up,I can understand taking a fish for eating occassionally as man has always been a Hunter,Fisher & gatherer however I'm against taking Bag Limits all the time, as over here in our State we have a Possession Law.
    Also I hadn't realised two of the Great Lakes were so poluted & there were so much Heavy Metals in the Fish.
    Also it's reallity that lots of people just don't have enough food for many reasons.
    It's about time all The Lakes & Rivers Worldwide were cleaned up with all the Technology we have,the only thing that happens is Talks,Talks & more Talks,wasting money instead of doing something.
    Our Government has just passed a Carbon Tax where the polluters will "supposedly" be taxed,the end result will probably be nothing will be fixed,like what happenned to the Car Industry which The Governments kept bailing out because their excuse/sob story to get a handout,was they couldn't afford to operate & would have to lay people off,they eventually took most of their operations to Thailand anyway after many handouts.

    I was happy when I Fished in Alaska,that all the Rainbows,at the time I was there had to be Released,however I enjoyed eating The Salmon..

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    Our state DNR advisories say you should not consume more than 1 meal per month of bass, bluegill, or crappie from our local lake, but makes no mention of channel cats.

    I asked the local wildlife officer about it and he told me the at the levels of mercury detected in the samples taken you could eat a meal every day and not have to worry, but the Ohio EPA makes those recommendations and prefers to play it safe.

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
    meanwhile we catch and release guys are eating hormone induced shrimp and seafood from your labels and reject any fish and seafood from viet nam and asia...
    I saw a show about shrimp farming in Vietnam and other asian countries. I'm not a shrimp eater, but that show was disgusting!!!!

    One of the better trout streams near me (Valley Creek) has high PCB levels, and has signs posted stating that it is illegal to possess fish from the stream. That keeps the native trout growing nicely, and the PCB's don't seem to have any ill effects on them. I suppose it's illegal to possess the fish from the stream because the angler might not care, but his family and friends might not be aware of the contamination. It's a beautiful stream, and one of the more famous of Pennsylvania's trout streams.

    I've been catching stocked trout from the local lake since last week, and I would eat one: pale and damaged. They do put up a good fight....

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    Quote Originally Posted by mrfzx View Post
    So I am a reader. I like to know the rules and reg's. for the areas I me crazy. The NY fishing regulations book clearly says that "No consumption" of Lake Ontario trout is recomended. So why did I see many people on Oak Orchard Creek and other tributaries carying limits of large Browns on stringers?
    The key word in the guide is Recomended: it doesn't say you cannot...

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    One of about 4 fish I took last summer from a local mountain reservoir that is loaded with stockers and other fish (supposedly musky too).

    I am extremely choosy about what I will eat. Not too big or old, only from clean high altitude lakes or reservoirs without obvious mining intrusion nearby (which excludes nearly all lakes in Colorado). This one I tried to revive after a long fight, but it did not recover, so it fed 2 adults and a small dog (very fat 16" bow, maybe a 2lb fish?).

    I love how a revived fish will sometimes hang out a few feet away after being released, kind of hung over. Giving that last glimpse before swimming back to safety.

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: Why kill them???

    Quote Originally Posted by HuronRiverDan View Post
    The key word in the guide is Recomended: it doesn't say you cannot...
    You are absolutely correct! We all make our choices, some good ones and some bad ones. The trick IMO, is that the good ones outweigh the bad. With the Browns out of Lake Ontario, I choose to release whenever possible. The only fish I would take is one that for whatever reason would not survive if released.....but I still would not eat it. My choice.

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    I do love it at least twice a week....Haddock, Salmon (only wild caught), Cod, Redfish, Perch, Walleye,etc... and the best of all Halibut.

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

    Anger is like peeing in your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel it. ~Jeff Yalden

    Remember: The winner gets to write the history books.

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