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    Default the great fly debate

    Alright so in my personal tests the clouser minnow beats the leftys deceiver everytime i know they have different uses but everytime the clouser out fishes the deceiver i want to hear everyones opinion on clouser vs deceiver. Feel free to bring up any other streamer that works equally as well

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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    Both work for me in their respective depths. For fishing down to three feet in the water column, I generally use a Deceiver-ish type fly. I probably have more success with it at that depth because I use it more often. Usually anything deeper than five feet, I'm using a Clouser-ish Minnow. Like the Deceiver, I probably have more success with it at that depth because I use it more often.


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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    i think even in shallow water clousers are the superior fly

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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    Not looking to debate, but I wonder if all other considerations are equal?

    By this I mean;

    Are the two test subjects the same size?
    Are the two test subjects tied in their respective 'standard' ways?
    Are they given equal time?
    Are they given equal opportunity?

    I could see how variables could play a big part, short of you with one fly and an equally good angler with the other, both fishing the same general pockets, on an appropriate line, during the same hours, tied they way the standard recipe calls for, of the same proportions, etc. --- I would say it is hard to definitively say that one outfishes the other.

    It is fair that you like one over the other, but I personally find it hard to swallow that one 'legendary' fly is absolutely better than another 'legendary' fly.

    Disclaimer: I've never really fished either pattern extensively.

    // The philosophical hair-splitting semantics //

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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    i have fished both pattern extensivly on two species speckled trout and largemouth bass and as soon as i switch to a clouser the catch rate instantly increases i think the jigging action is amazing

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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    I like fishing Dec0eivers more than Clousers. I think Clousers will tend to give you a better hook up ratio, because of the hook point riding up vs. down.

    I used to slay LMB from farm ponds with Deceivers. The slower sink rate was nice.

    You forgot secret option "C" though - Woolly bugger! I fish these before I fish either Deceiver or Clousers anymore.
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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    The Clouser (capital C out of respect for Bob's proper name ) deep minnow is a jig and jig fishing is a time proven technique. You can't argue with that kind of success, but it's not the only way to fish and doesn't utilize the advantages of a fly rod and traditional fly rod fishing techniques.
    Like most SW guys I've fished the Clouser minnow a lot but in the last 10 years or so I've moved away from that kind of fishing. I probably only tied on a Clouser a couple of times all this year
    The Lefty's deceiver is far more versatile IMO due to the many variations you can tie and that's what I'll choose 90% of the time
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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    Interesting POV Riptide (point of view).....Clousers are no ways near as enjoyable to cast.

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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    I'll have to agree with what most have posted, and still use both quite a bit, plus the Half & Half versions. Time & place for them all, depending on depth & profile needed. For example, a Deceiver can generally be tied with a much deeper profile than the Clouser, depending on materials used, so if the predominant prey species has a deeper profile, then I'll choose a Deceiver. Fished on a fast sinking line, I can usually get them almost as deep as a Clouser.

    The Half & Half version gives a bit of both, and can make the standard Clouser a much longer/larger sized fly, with a bit more bulk to it, again depending on the materials used. This is a fly I really like for deeper, yet faster presentations.

    I don't feel there's a wrong time or place to choose any of the 3, but most times one will be better for the situation at that specific time.

    All work very well!
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    Default Re: the great fly debate

    I believe that angler confidence has much to do with catch rates eg. if one is more confident in one fly over another, one would fish it more profeciently and thus increase the catch rate. "best fly" is extreamly subjective! That's the wonderful thing about our sport, it can be a very personal experience.

    "What do I FEEL like catching fish with today"

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