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Thread: Cimarron River

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    I am about to take a trip to the Cimarron River, does anyone have any reviews or information on this river. I know there is stone fly hatch going on, but i have also heard that a red San Juan worm has been working well lately.

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    Hey Jayraider,

    I was up there two weekends ago. The river is flowing at 7 CFS and super clear. I have never seen it that clear. As you go further downstream the water gets a little higher but a little more murky.

    The fish were hitting nymphs quite well but your first cast has to be perfect with the clear water. I only saw a couple of BWO and small tan caddis come up. In the beaver dams, there is some midge activity. I didn't experience any stoneflies but that is not to say that the activity isn't working it way upstream. There were only two other anglers in the river, both spin anglers that didn't hit anything.

    THe area is very green and there was some snow on the peaks, still. Good luck fishing and tight lines.

    Living large in the Southwest.

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    I haven't fished it recently so I can't give you a current report. I suspect that Trucha's report is as accurate as you can get.

    When I fish the Cimarron, I like to go in early June. That's usually when the Stonefly activity is at it highest. They tend to taper off later in the month. That could be why not much Stonefly activity was visible.

    Anyway... good luck on your trip. Also, I thought you might find this article somewhat interesting Click Here

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    Thank you all so very much, and Steve, i have read that article before and to be able to experience that would be amazing. Thanks again and i will post once i get back, and let you know how i did!

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    Hey Jayraider,

    Not sure if it'll help, but here's a link to the weekly fishing report from the Albuquerque Journal:

    ABQjournal: Fishing Line

    We're headed up to the San Juan tommorow morning for 2 days fishing. It's our first trip to the Juan and to say we're excited is an understatement. Should be a great time.

    Good luck to ya!


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    Yeah we leave in the morning, and i can promise you i will be up for while tonight. I wish you the best of luck!! Thanks for the link.

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    Well, how'd you do? We had a GREAT day on the Juan! Between the two of us, we landed about a dozen and hooked up alot more than that. My best was 21 1/2", with a couple more around 20". We went with Paul Freeman (Roughrider Guide) and can't say enough good about him. Great guide, great teacher, and most of all, a simply terrific person to be on the water with. We'll probably fish the San Juan once or twice a month now since it's only 3 hours from home.

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    Well we went out on Tuesday and I landed 3. It sure looked good through there, but they were just not as active as i thought they would be. We might go back out Friday or Saturday, but we haven't decided yet. Congrats on your success, i could only imagine hooking up with something like that!

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