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Chris Mason 06-21-2007 11:29 AM

Northern Pike Fishing
I will be going to Northern Michigan in late July and after being there last year and catching over 45 pike between myself and 3 other guys on traditional spinning gear, I really want to catch a couple of these monsters on a fly rod!

Can anyone suggest a inexpensive setup in order to try this? Rod / wt, Reel, Line, Flies???

This is something that I may only try once, but if successfull it will occur once per year, so I don't want to spend a fortune at this point just to try it.

Frank Whiton 06-21-2007 01:01 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing

Go to this post. The combinations that are being suggested would work for you. I caught Pike in Alaska on an 8 weight and never felt under gunned. I don't know how big the Pike are in Northern Michigan but if they get as large as they do in Canada then you might want a 10 weight. A 9 weight may be a good compromise but an 8 weight would be a better all around rod. Pike are not great runners and unless you are fishing trophy waters, I would not hesitate to use a 8 weight rod. A 9', 8 weight TFO TiCr would be a very good rod. You will need some 6" steel leaders and some big streamer flies and some red and white poppers. Pike in shallow water will tear up a top water.

Chris Mason 06-21-2007 02:55 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
Thanks again Frank for the helpfull response!

Chris Mason 06-21-2007 02:58 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
Sorry Frank, but you last post stated to "Go to this post", but I don't see the link or the post you are referring too?

Frank Whiton 06-21-2007 03:44 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing

Originally Posted by gvollmer (Post 12101)
Sorry Frank, but you last post stated to "Go to this post", but I don't see the link or the post you are referring too?

Sorry about that. Take a look at this POST.

Chris Mason 06-22-2007 07:05 AM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
Thanks Frank!

Chris Mason 07-17-2007 01:09 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
I purchased a TFO Professional Series 8 wt rod and a Cabelas CSR Reel. This combination seemed to fit my budget, especially after purchasing the backing, quality fly line, wire tipped leaders (not sure how good they will work) and a couple of flies to take home and attempt to duplicate on my vice. I will be leaving for the Upper Pen of MI on the 28th of this month. I am really looking forward to this trip to catch some pike on a fly rod. Does anyone out there have any experience or advice on how I can be as productive as possible on the fly rod? Any casting techniques that are different than trout fishing? Any simple patterns that I can tie that pike love???? Has anyone used the prebuilt leaders with the wire tip/loop already built in?

Frank Whiton 07-17-2007 03:14 PM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
Hi gvollmer,

Congrats on the new fly rod. It should do the job for you. My Pike fishing was in Alaska and the flies I used may not work in MI. Go to this site and look at the Pike flies. In Alaska flies with red and white worked the best. One fly I would try in MI would be a mouse. I also like the Barry flies and they are easy to tie. The Lucky Wiggler is popular for Pike but is harder to tie.


Barry's Pike flies

Lucky Wiggler

Chris Mason 07-18-2007 08:07 AM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing
Thanks Frank! I have already tied a couple of Barry Flies and a couple of lucky wigglers already, Mostly in black, red/white and white. I bought a couple mouse flies and some others when I purchased the rod. So I think I am ready?? Any techniques suggestions? Are these flies going to be a pain to cast when wet?

Frank Whiton 07-18-2007 11:21 AM

Re: Northern Pike Fishing

Your new 8wt will handle those flies fine. As long as you are using a floating line you should not have any problems. The mouse has to be fished slower than the other flies and on top. Use some weight if the other flies are not weighted. Pike are not fussy and any commotion will get their attention. The Pike I have fished were all in lakes and the fish were cruising up and down the shore. I cast to intercept them and a little movement of the fly got their attention. I have never caught Pike in a river. Good luck on your trip.

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