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    Default It's officially winter to me!

    Every year my winter starts with my 1st turns on the mountain and a visit to some tailwaters for winter fishing.

    Generally this starts around Thanksgiving, and I had the opportunity to fish two tailwaters over the holiday week!

    Although the skiing wasn't that great...(two ski related deaths already in Colorado!) The fishing was great and I can't wait until it gets colder!

    Anybody out there live for the winter like me? Don't get me wrong, I love summers but give me a cold winter day with the snow falling and I'm standing knee deep in a tailwater and I'm happy as a clam.
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    johnjac Guest

    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    I'd have to agree 100% with you, i live near crested butte, CO and it is snowing right now! I can't wait to get out there.

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    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    caught 3 little browns in town yesterday, skied powder today

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    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    It's been oficially winter here for a while now. The river is a solid sheet of ice. They already have a few ice houses out. I have heard of guys already crossing 4 Mile Bay on 4 wheelers. No fly fishing for me till spring. Unless of course I go on vacation to a much warmer area.

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    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    It's definiitely winter here. I've been wearing a flannel shirt all afternoon out in the wind. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    Yes, it was -5 degrees here in Pinedale, WY this morning, it snowed about 4 inches yesterday. I had lots of chores to do around the house today, can't wait to get out and it the tailwaters.


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    Default Re: It's officially winter to me!

    Teens this morning, but supposed to warm to 40 during the day, we will see. If the winds dont pick up, I may try to hit the river today.

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